Social Sciences and Education

About Social Sciences and Education

The Learning Pathway is Social Sciences and Education will allow you to learn about human behavior and society from a global perspective and sharpen your critical thinking and research skills. This pathway will prepare you for careers that engage with the social, educational, political, and psychological factors that impact our world today. Math Level: ++

Sample Career Titles and Related Skills for Social Sciences and Education

Sample Career Titles: Advocate, Early Childhood Educator, Counselor, Foreign Service Officer, Government Official, Psychologist, Researcher, Social and Human Services Assistant, Social Worker, Teacher.

Related Skills: Analysis, collaboration, establishing rapport, inquiry, making connections, helpfulness, support, understanding of equity.


Alcohol and Drug Studies | AS, Certificate
Anthropology | AA, AA-T
Associate Teacher | Certificate
Child and Adolescent Development | AA-T
Community Based Corrections | AS, Certificate
Early Childhood Education | AS, AS-T
Early Childhood Teacher | Certificate
Eating Disorders Studies | OSA
Economics | AA, AA-T
Elementary Teacher Education | AA
Environmental Studies | AA
Family and Consumer Sciences | AS, Certificate
Gender and Sexuality | AA
Geography | AA, AA-T
Gerontology | Certificate
Gerontology Interdisciplinary | Certificate
Global Studies 
History | AA, AA-T
Infant Toddler Teacher | Certificate
Human Services Generalist | AS, Certificate
Master Teacher | Certificate
Mental Health Worker  | AS, Certificate
Political Science | AA, AA-T
Professional Development for Preschool/TK Educator | Certificate
Psychology | AA-T
Site Supervisor | Certificate
Sociology | AA-T
Sustainability Studies | OSA
Water Resources and Conservation | Certificate

AA: Associate in Arts
AA-T: Associate in Arts for Transfer
AS: Associate of Science
AS-T: Associate of Science for Transfer
Certificate: Certificate of Achievement
OSA: Occupational Skills Award