Liberal Arts Level Up Grant: Transforming Student Outcomes

The Liberal Arts Level Up Grant is the Saddleback College implementation of the Basic Skills Student Outcomes and Transformation (BSSOT) Program.  The BSSOT Program is a California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office initiative.  The BSSOT Program and LA Level Up Grant seek to improve the progression rate of students needing basic skills instruction into college-level instruction. 

The LA Level Up Grant’s primary purpose is to coordinate existing college success efforts/programs and to augment them with new ideas, research support, and professional development training.


Liberal Arts Level Up Grant Goals

  • Support existing college and district initiatives to ensure full implementation of AB 705 and to increase the number of students who enroll and successfully complete a college-level English course within two semesters.  
  • Provide and support on-going faculty professional development that improves:
  • Aid in the integration of student support and district services to better direct students in class schedule development. 
    • Provide proactive student support that is integrated with instruction.
    • Strengthen K-12 Partnerships to encourage college readiness among high school applicants.
    • Utilize research to guide AB 705 implementation for Liberal Arts courses and data analysis to evaluate impact.


    Liberal Arts Level Up Grant Objectives

    • Use LA Level Up Grant research to inform class schedule planning in order to better accommodate student demand as it changes with regard to implementation of AB 705 and the high school transcript placement matrix.
    • Support the AVID for Higher Education (AHE) initiative to become an institutionalized professional development opportunity for Saddleback College faculty and to more fully integrate WICOR teaching and learning strategies in students’ classroom experience.
    • Provide funding support to District IT for the integration of the MAP Smart Schedule platform with the existing student information system, including the academic planning tool, MAP to recognize each student’s: 
      • course placement recommendations
      • MAP information
      • course-taking history
    • Implement Embedded Academic Support Model into core English and Reading curriculum to include: Tutoring, Counseling, and Library Services (Information Competency).
    • Use Liberal Arts Division based faculty to mentor associate faculty and ensure professional standards.
    • Provide faculty stipends for:
      • curriculum design that accommodates AB 705 objectives 
      • professional development activities