Class Schedule Planning Under AB 705

Predicting English Enrollments Under Multiple Measures Assessment
Project Placement Matrix

Prior to the Spring 2018 semester, enrollments in ENG 300, 390, 200, and 1A consisted of continuing students, those who completed pre-requisite courses or re-assessed, and first time fully matriculated college students that completed Saddleback College’s local assessment test.  Starting in late Spring 2018, students will primarily be assessed using the Multiple Measures Assessment Project (MMAP) placement matrix as known as the MMAP placement grid, which uses students’ high school GPA for English course placement. With the use of the placement matrix, enrollments in the English courses will change dramatically which implies a shift in section offerings for each course. This analysis will assess the changes in placements and utilize predictive analytics to forecast enrollments in each course for the Fall 2018 semester under multiple measures. The findings of this analysis are intended to drive data-informed scheduling decisions.

Assessing AB 705 Scheduling Projections: One Year Later

Saddleback College transitioned to full scale implementation of multiple measures guided by California Assembly Bill 705 (AB 705), placing new and continuing students into English and Math based on their high school transcripts on April 14, 2018. Prior to this date, students were placed into English and Math using assessment tests. The transition to using high school transcript data instead of assessment tests to place students has strong scheduling implications for the fall 2018 semester due to substantial changes in the students’ placement levels. Through the use of high school GPA, a higher percentage of students were expected to place into transfer level English (ENG 1A). This report discusses how Level Up Research supported enrollment demand and scheduling changes in as a result of AB 705.

AB 705 - CPR Retreat Presentation

This presentation was given by the Level Up research analyst at Saddleback College’s Completion, Persistence, and Retention (CPR) workgroup’s retreat to address concerns of the impact AB 705 has on student placements. In attendance were staff, faculty, deans, the Vice President of Instruction, and the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs.

Student Communication Analysis

Sherpa Exploratory Analysis

A total of 384 Sherpa Nudges, body messages and subject lines, were analyzed to explore and gain a better understanding of message content to inform best practices and insight for effective messaging to encourage behaviors that improve student success. Messages in the dataset dates from August 11, 2011 to October 25, 2017. Additionally, as analysis of user experience is conducted.

Sherpa AB Testing

In order to identify student email communications best practices, AB testing will be conducted on new and continuing students who have yet to complete their English composition course sequence. The goal of the testing is to discover message effectiveness and ways to increase message open and click through rates.