Liberal Arts Level Up Projects

Placement into Transfer Level Classes

Transfer Level Co-Requisite 

The English Department has developed a new 2-unit co-requisite, ENG 201, that allows students who place one-level below transfer-level English to immediately enroll into ENG 1A.

Project Highlights:

  • This project meets the LA Level Up Grant's objective of helping students to complete ENG 1A within two semesters by reducing the timeline to one semester. This project also aligns with AB 705's  guidance to  "maximize the probability that a student will enter and complete transfer-level coursework in English...within a one-year timeframe." 
  • Two sections of the ENG 1A - ENG 201 paired courses were offered in the fall 2018 term. Six sections of the ENG 1A - ENG 201 paired courses are currently offered for the spring 2019 semester.
  • Seating capacity and technology upgrades for the Writing Lab (LRC 210) were completed for the fall 2019 semester. These improvements allowed for the entire section of an ENG 1A classes to attend the ENG 201 co-requisite course.

Placement and Enrollment Analytics

The LA Level Up Grant Research Analyst has conducted data analytics that predicts course and section demand for composition courses under the full scale implementation of the high school GPA placement matrix.

Project Highlights:

  • The Saddleback Program Research Analyst has provided ongoing analytics since Spring 2017. Collectively, these analyses were used to build predictive analytics and data science techniques to project the number of placements, enrollments, and sections to offer for ENG 390, ENG 200, and ENG 1A for the Fall 2018 semester, to meet upcoming demand related to student placement and enrollment changes due to AB 705.
  • Placement and Enrollment Analytics Full Report

Through-put Analysis


Professional Development


Liberal Arts Professional Development

The Liberal Arts Division is creating three strands of professional development to prepare faculty to meet the challenges of AB 705 and an increasingly diverse population of learners.

Project Highlights:

  • The first workshop series intends to enhance faculty/student communication using Progress Report as a primary tool in instruction.
  • The second workshop series encourages the use of high engagement/high impact classroom strategies. The content of this series will be tailored for English department faculty.
  • The third professional development workshop will be featured online. It will highlight the National Council of Teachers of English's  Principles for Teaching Postsecondary Writing.

AVID for Higher Education

The AVID for Higher Education (AHE) initiative provides full and part-time faculty from all academic divisions with training in high-engagement teaching and learning strategies that support students’ development of Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading skills. With LA Level Up Grant support, the AHE initiative has grown its professional development program to include second level training. 

Project Highlights:

  • AHE has been providing professional development for Saddleback faculty since the 2014-2015 academic year. With support from the LA Level Up Grant, AHE has been able to offer additional types of professional development opportunities, produce professional development materials, and train additional faculty in leading professional development.
  • AHE Professional Development Opportunities

Student Success Faculty Mentor

English, ESL, and International Language Departments have selected a faculty member to provide professional development opportunities for Associate Faculty. Support of Associate Faculty included a survey to assess needs at the beginning of each semester. See sample survey from the English Department:

Integrated Student Support Services


MAP Upgrade

With support from the Level Up grant, District IT will update the user interface and improve system integration for MAP. 

Project Highlights:

  • These upgrades will bring the interface of MAP to the new MySite 3.0 standards
  • MAP integration allows other district systems to pull information regarding students' academic plans.

Smart Schedule

With support from the LA Level Up Grant, District IT has continued in the development of the Smart Schedule platform to recognize each student’s course placement recommendations, MAP information, and course-taking history.

Project Highlights:

  • This integration will allow students to create class schedules based on their individualized requirements from within the online schedule of classes. 
  • The Level Grant Research Analyst has developed code that allows District IT to better identify and communicate students' assessment placements.


    Supplemental Academic Support Program

    This program features embedded services in gateway fundamental courses. Embedded Tutors, Counselors, and Librarians visit the courses on a regular schedule to deliver services and information directly to students in the classes.

    Project Highlights:

    • The curriculum and training for the faculty, staff, and students who will be delivering the supplemental academic support was developed over the spring 2018 semester.
    • Soft launch of the program started in summer 2018 with two ENG 390 and one ENG 340 class.
    • The full scale launch is set for fall 2018 for all ENG 390 and ENG 340 courses.
    • The direct-to-transfer pathway courses, ENG 1A with the ENG 201 co-requisite, is adopting the Supplemental Academic Support Program for both offerings in fall 2018.

    Sherpa Nudges

    During the course registration period, students are directed to recommended English and Reading courses that meet their required pre-requisites and transfer and degree requirements.

    Project Highlights:

    • The messaging encourages first-time freshmen to complete their English and reading requirements in their first year of college. This messaging is in line with AB 705 recommendation.
    • The messaging encourages continuing students to avoid delaying English and Reading requirements

    High School Outreach


    English Professional Learning Council

    The English Professional Learning Council bring English faculty from Saddleback College together with English teachers from the Saddleback Valley and Capistrano Unified School Districts. For two years, Saddleback English faculty has been delivering college readiness presentations to seniors in English classes from these two local school districts.  With the support of the Level Up grant, the presentations have been expanded to include junior-level English classes.

    Project Highlights:

    • In the spring 2018 semester, nine Saddleback English faculty visited seven high schools and over 45 individual classrooms schools in the Saddleback Valley and Capistrano Unified School Districts. An estimated 1,350 students were included in this outreach effort.
    • The faculty visited junior-level English classes to discuss necessary preparation for college and college-level classroom expectations.

    AVID for Higher Education

    The Level Up Grant Program Specialist in partnership with AVID for Higher Education trained faculty is visiting AVID K - 12 classrooms to provide information regarding concurrent enrollment and general college preparation.

    Project Highlights:

    • In the spring 2018 semester, the LA Level Up Grant Program Specialist and college AHE faculty made visits to 14 AVID classrooms at 3 local high schools. Approximately 400 students participated in presentations.
    • Students were introduced to the AHE program and how concurrent enrollment can help them to complete college credits.