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Foods and Nutrition Instructor
Family and Consumer Sciences
Div of Advanced Tech & Applied Sciences
Saddleback College

Ph.D. Nutritional Sciences, U.C. Berkeley, 1993

Registered Dietitian, U.C. Berkeley, 1993

B.S. Chemistry, U.C. Berkeley, 1987

I joined Saddleback College in 2006 as an instructor in Foods and Nutrition, where I have taught FN 161 (Nutrition for Health Occupations), FN 50 (Fundamentals of Nutrition) and FN 164 (Sports Nutrition). I am very passionate about nutrition as it is the key to life, fitness and health; and the perfect intersection of science and application. We all have choices we make every day; in nutrition, those choices will determine your current and future health.

I stive to make my classes interactive including class discussion, group projects, video clips, active learning and review activities and Powerpoint slides. I believe that the more students engage and participate, they more they learn and remember!

Outside of Saddleback, I work in public health/nutrition education and do my best to stay on top of scientific research, consumer trends and food industry activities. I bring those areas of knowledge into my classroom for the benefit of my students. There is never a dumb question or a simple answer to a question... but the more you ask and the more you learn, the better you can take care of yourself, your friends and your family.

I love to run, bike and swim, go to the beach, and anything else outdoors. I have 3 daughters and live in Laguna Niguel.

I am currently the Chair of the Nutrition Dept and encourage anyone and everyone to take a class in nutrition. We have a family of excellent instructors and a number of interesting classes to choose from that will fit your schedule. Your life and health will benefit... and yes, you can still eat chocolate!