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Ask Us

What kind of help is available from the library?
How can I get in contact with a librarian? How do I ask for help?
Where can I get help with research?
When is the library/reference desk open?
What workshops and credit classes are offered by the library?
How do I register for a workshop?
Tutoring Services
How can I get involved in the Friends of the Library?
Is the Saddleback Library accessible for students, faculty, and staff with disabilities?

Faculty Services

How can faculty access article/journal databases?
How many items can faculty borrow at a time?
Can faculty request a book through Inter-Library Loan (ILL) and how long does it take?
Do the faculty have a contact in the library?
What kind of instruction does the library provide?
What kind of support can the library provide when I am developning a new course or assignment?
What are the hours of reference services?
How do I place material on reserve?
How do I request a LibGuide for my course?

Requesting and Borrowing

How do I find books on reserve? Where are they located?
How do I find materials in the library?
Where can I find newspapers/magazines and how long does the library keep the print copies?
Can I check out DVDs, and CDs? Where will I find them?
Where will I find the bones boxes and how do I check them out?
What else can I check out from the library?
Can a non-student check out materials and use the library computers?
I’m looking for a specific item. How do I find out if the library has a book, journal or article?
How do I check out an item from the library?
How many items can I borrow?
Once I check out a book, how long can I keep it?
How can I renew library materials? How do I renew my books?
How do I place a book on hold?
How do I request a book through Inter-Library Loan (ILL) and how long does it take?
I have a fine, what can I do? How can I view the fine?
Where can I return my library materials?
Can I return books after the library is closed?

Research and Writing

How do I cite sources using MLA and/or APA?
How do I find information about plagiarism?
Is there software that I can use to manage my citations?
How do I start my research?
How do I pick a topic?
How do I find a book?
What if the item I need is not available at this library?
How do I find full-text articles?
What does it mean for an article to be considered scholarly or peer-reviewed? How do I find scholarly or peer-reviewed journals/articles?
How do I find and read eBooks?
Can I use Google and/or Wikipedia for my research?

Technology in the Library

Where can I get technical assistance in the library?
How do I login to the library computers?
How do I access the library from home?
Which computers can I use to surf the web/write a paper/print a document?
Can I download things from the internet?
What kind of computers do you have in the library?
Can I view online journals, magazines and books from home?
How do I get wireless access in the library?

Using the Library

Library Hours
Library Location
Where can I study in the library?
Where can I charge my laptop?
Can I use my cell phone in the library?
Can I eat or drink in the library?
Where is the reference desk?
Where are the reserve books?
How do I locate materials in the library?
Where are the study rooms?
How do I reserve a study room?
Does the library have copy machines? Where are they located? How much does it cost to make copies?
Does the library have printers? Where are they located? How much does it cost to print?
Can I print or copy in color? How much does it cost?
Do you have change?