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My primary motivation in both teaching and learning comes from a life-long reverence and appreciation for our planet Earth. This respect, passion, and admiration extends to the myriad landscapes and waterscapes around the world, to the incredible diversity in plant and animal life, to dynamic geologic and meteorological processes, and especially to the ways in which human beings exist, interpret, migrate and coexist upon the surface of the Earth. My inspiration is to share knowledge, encourage curiosity and to convey some of this same passion and awareness of our home planet among all of my students and colleagues.


  • M.A.; Geography, Public Planning & Administration - Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ. Research/Thesis: 3-Dimensional Perspective Surface Visualization in Geographic Information Systems.
  • B.A.; Geography - California State University, Long Beach, Long Beach, CA.
  • Pilot's License - SEL

Professional Background

Most of my professional experience has been as a Geography/GIS Technical and Business Consultant, Project Manager, and Geography Trainer/Instructor. Clients and employers included utilities such Southern California Edison and Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, federal, state, county, and municipal governments and agencies such as NASA, USGS, US Forest Service, the L.A. County Museum of Natural History, and private/corporate firms such as Boeing, IBM, and Microsoft.  I have also worked for several airlines, traveling extensively worldwide, and I especially enjoy visiting remote and exotic lands "off the beaten track".

Memberships and Affiliations

Association of American Geographers, Geospatial Information & Technology Association, National Council for Geographic Education, Urban and Regional Information Systems Association, American Planning Association, California Geographic Information Association, National Military Intelligence Association, Arizona Geographic Information Council, Association of Pacific Coast Geographers, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, Nevada Geographic Information Society, Planetary Society, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Community Leadership

Past President & Education Committee Chair of the Geospatial Information and Technology Association California/Nevada Chapter (

Past President & L.A./O.C. Programs Chair of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association Southern California Chapter (;

Enjoy your journey through life - and learn about our world!