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Advanced Technology and Applied Sciences
Saddleback College

Lucian is a sustainability and permaculture designer, educator and consultant with over 7 years of professional experience in the design, development and implementation of regenerative programs in academic, government, business and nonprofit environments. His passion for regenerative work comes from growing up and working with his family on 2 self-sustaining homesteads in Romania. Stories about the ways his family and community thrived, even through the tough times of communism and the changing world, permiate all of his work. He has led over 200 sustainability & permaculture related workshops, lectures and courses, touching the lives of over 5000 individuals. Lucian is also the co-founder of reEarth Consulting, and senior advisor for Sustridge Sustainability Consulting. He holds a BA in International Relations and a MA in Global Leadership and Sustainable Development from Hawaii Pacific University. 

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