Clearing Prerequisites

Prerequisite Lock

Saddleback College is committed to helping students select appropriate level courses to provide the greatest chance for their academic success. Information relating to prerequisites, co-requisites, and recommended preparations are printed in bold as part of the course descriptions in the catalog and indicated by a "LOCK" symbol next to the UNITS heading in the online schedule of classes. All prerequisites are set by the academic divisions and are enforced by the college. Students must clear any and all prerequisites before they are eligible to register for the target course. Clearances can take 3 to 5 business days to evaluate so please plan ahead!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Students that have submitted official copies of their transcripts to Saddleback College will not automatically have prerequisites courses evaluated. It is the Students responsibility to submit evaluation requests to the Matriculation office or the appropriate division office to have prerequisites cleared.

Procedures and Guidelines for Clearing Prerequisites

Students are responsible for meeting and/or clearing all prerequisites for any course in which they plan to enroll in prior to their registration date. Prerequisite evaluation can take up to 5 business days to complete so please plan ahead by submitting your request at least 2 weeks prior to your registration period.


Document Requirements and Guidelines for Clearing Prerequisites

  • All unofficial College transcripts MUST include the student's name and the college name or logo.
  • High school transcripts must have 3 completed years of data and be an unofficial or official District copy printed from either the high school or the district office. Student portal transcripts cannot be used.
  • If using AP exam scores to clear a prerequisite, students must submit an unofficial or official copy of their Advanced Placement (AP)® exam results from College Board
  • All courses to be evaluated must be completed and have a letter grade of C or above (no C-, D or F) or a credit (CR).
  • All courses to be evaluated MUST be included on a transcript from where the course was taken. Transfer credits on a different college transcript cannot be used.
  • Photos of documents taken with a phone or a camera cannot be used for prerequisite evaluations.
  • Unaccredited and/or foreign transcripts cannot be used to clear prerequisites.
  • Degree Audits or Checks are not considered transcripts and cannot be used for prerequisite evaluations.
  • Transcripts cannot be submitted in an editable format such as MS Word or Publisher. Cutting and pasting your transcript data into any document will not be accepted.
  • APCs (Add Codes) do not override a prerequisite.

Procedures for Clearing Prerequisites

  • Acquire and prepare your documents. The online form allows for 2 document uploads so you will want to save your documents into one PDF file or use a ZIP compression tool to ZIP all files into one.
  • Make sure your name and the college name and/or logo are visible on your transcripts.
  • If you have submitted official documents, please select that option when completing the request form.
  • Complete and submit the Saddleback College Prerequisite Request form

Checking Your Prerequisite Clearances

  • Check your MySite student portal under My Information > Matriculation > Placement Info to see your Math and/or English evaluation results.
  • Students can check all their prerequisite clearances by adding the course(s) you wish to register for into the Saddleback College shopping cart (inside the class schedule) and then perform the Pre-registration Check. Once the prerequisite is cleared you will no longer receive the prerequisite error message.
  • Some prerequisite evaluations do not show up in MySite at this time so you may be notified by that department when its cleared.

More Help with Clearing Prerequisites