Freshman Advantage Early Registration

Fall Freshman Advantage Program

Freshman Advantage Early Registration is available to first-time college students of any age who will be attending Saddleback College for the fall semester. Freshman Advantage provides first-time college students with several benefits: the opportunity to apply for early admission, receive a Freshman Advantage Early Registration date, and enroll for classes in early May before most new students.

The Fall 2023 Freshman Advantage application period runs from October 1st to January 31st. Incoming first-time college students can still apply for Fall 2023 admission from February 1st through May 9th to receive Freshman Advantage Early Registration.

High School Seniors: If you complete a Saddleback College course for Fall 2022 or Spring 2023 (i.e. COUN 100), you do not need to submit a Fall 2023 application for admission. Dual-enrolled HS Seniors roll forward into the next main term, Fall 2023. Proceed with completing all steps of the Pre-enrollment Process.

Freshman Advantage Requirements

Mandatory Steps

Submit a Fall 2023 Saddleback College Application, available as of 10/1/22.

Important: Be sure to select a qualifying Educational Goal on your application.

  • Obtain an associate degree and transfer to a 4-year institution
  • Transfer to a 4-year institution without an associate degree
  • Obtaining a 2-year degree without transfer
  • Earn a career technical certificate without transfer

Once you have been assigned a Student Number, complete Steps 1-3 outlined below. All steps of the Pre-enrollment Process must be completed by May 9th to qualify for Freshman Advantage Early Registration.

Freshman Advantage Deadline: 5/9/23

3-step Pre-enrollment Process

Step 1: New Student Orientation (online)

Matriculation Process Step 1

The New Student Orientation module is accessible in MySite from the direct link below. Students must complete all sections and pass the final exam at the end of the orientation module to receive credit and complete Step #1. (Print or take a screen capture of the completion certificate for your records.) 

Direct Link to MySite: Online Orientation
Average completion time is 30 minutes.

Step 2: Initial Math & English Placement (online)

Matriculation Process Step 2

New college students can receive both Math and English placement in about 10 minutes using Guided Self Placement (GSP) Survey. Clicking on the link below will direct you to MySite where you will complete two short surveys. Each survey pulls available high school transcript data to calculate placement.

Direct Link to MySite: Guided Self Placement
Average completion time is 5-10 minutes.

Step 3: Advisement and First Semester Plan (online)

The Advisement module helps students determine a potential major, define thMatriculation Process Step 3eir educational goal, and prepare a First Semester Plan using My Academic Plan (MAP). At the end of the Online Advisement module, you will be directed to My Academic Plan (MAP) to create your First Semester Plan. Once you have created a First Semester Plan, you will have completed the Pre-enrollment Process.

Direct Link to MySite: Online Advisement
Average completion time is 15 minutes.

Get Ready to Register

As the Freshman Advantage deadline approaches, make sure you have completed all steps of the Pre-enrollment Process. Check that you have a Completion Date of 5/9/23 (or earlier) in MySite: My Completion Status.

Note: The Comprehensive Plan is not part of the Pre-enrollment Process.

Register for Fall 2023 Classes

Register for Classes May 10th-11th!

Towards the end of April, check your Fall 2023 registration date and time in MySite. You will have been assigned a Freshman Advantage Early Registration date that falls on May 10th or 11th. Register for your first semester of college on your date for the best selection of classes.

To check important dates and deadlines, visit the Admissions & Records website. It is recommended that you complete the optional steps listed below prior to your registration date and time.

Optional Recommended Steps

First-time college students are strongly encouraged to complete the recommended steps listed below. For details, visit the Freshman Advantage Recommended Steps page.