Math and English Placement Levels

Prior to Summer 2019, Saddleback College students may have received their initial Math and English placement from assessment exams (CTEP, MDTP, Accuplacer) or the evaluation of alternative evidence. Continuing and Returning students who received a placement for a basic skills course like ENG 390 or MATH 351 may need to submit an AB 705 Placement Review to gain access to college-level math and English courses. Students who previously completed an ESL assessment exam may schedule a Counseling appointment for current placement. Please see the English as a Second Language (ESL) page for further details.

AB 705 Placement Review

With the passage of Assembly Bill 705, Saddleback College is giving all continuing and returning students the opportunity to submit a placement review request if they previously completed the Matriculation Process and received placement for math and/or English below our current baseline placement, excluding ESL placements. In some cases, a placement review will result in an improved placement.

As of Fall 2019, Saddleback College's Baseline Math and English placement levels are as follows:

  • Math: 103, 14, 10, 10+210, 7+207, 8+208 and 124+224
  • English: 1A+201 and 1A

If you previously received a math and/or English placement from our assessment exams that is lower than the classes listed above, you may be eligible for higher placement. Click on the form linked below to submit a request for placement review.
AB 705 Placement Review Form

How To Obtain Your Math and English Placement Results

Students that have completed an assessment exam, had their high school transcript evaluated, or completed the Guided Self Placement tool can find their placement results in their MySite.

  1. Click on the following link to be directed to the Assessment & Placement page in your MySite: Obtaining your placement results
  2. While in your MySite, follow the instructions below:
  • Click on the link that reads: My Information
  • Click on the link that reads: Matriculation
  • Click on the link that reads: Assessment & Placement

If you do not have placement results and you have completed one of the assessment methods listed above, please contact the Matriculation Office.

Understanding Your Placement Levels