Prerequisite Evaluation Request

Use this request to submit an evaluation to clear a required prerequisite for a class you wish to enroll in at Saddleback College. Prerequisite clearance approvals may be given by different departments so evaluations can take up to 5 business days. Please plan ahead by submitting your request at least two weeks prior to your enrollment date to avoid registration delays. All evaluations are performed in the order in which we receive them.

Student Information
Please enter your Saddleback College student number.
Please enter a valid phone number at which we may contact you at.
If you have changed your name (marriage etc.) enter the different name that shows up on your transcripts.
Please provide the semester that you plan on taking these courses. Example: Summer 2018
By selecting "I Agree" you acknowledge the following: It’s the student’s responsibility to provide proof of course completion that meets the Saddleback College prerequisite requirements. Incomplete or In-Progress coursework and grades of C- or lower are not accepted. Evaluations can take 3-5 business days to process and APCs (Add Permit Codes) do not override a required prerequisite. Photos or editable documents will not be accepted.
First Course to be Evaluated
Enter the first course you wish to enroll in at Saddleback College that has a required prerequisite. Example: Math 10, PSYC 2, ECON 2...
Enter the specific evidence that should be used to clear this prerequisite. Examples: Math 30 from OCC, AP English Lang/Comp Exam, English 101 from CSUF, High School Algebra 2