Students at Saddleback College can be placed on two different types of probation; Academic and/or Progress Probation. Furthermore, if a student finds themselves on probation for the first time they will receive a "First Time Probation" hold that blocks all further registration until the student attends a workshop. Please see the probation links to the left for more information about specific probation holds and removal.

Effective in Fall 2014, students not in good academic standing will receive later registration times in their next semester and continuously until they reach good academic standing.

Probation Information

  • Only First Time Probation holds block students from registration.
  • Students MUST attend a Probation Workshop in order to have the First Time Probation hold removed.
  • It is a district-wide process regarding classes at IVC and Saddleback College and changing your college of record will NOT remove a probation hold.
  • Students placed on probation are notified by email after each semester.
  • A student whose cumulative grade point average falls below 1.75 in three consecutive semesters at Saddleback College and/or Irvine Valley College shall be subject to dismissal.
  • Probation is based on cumulative coursework and may take several semesters to improve.

Suspension of VA Benefits Due to Probation

Saddleback College is responsible for enforcing the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (DVA) standards of academic progress. These standards require the college Veterans Office to suspend, for one semester, the VA education benefits of students who have been on academic or lack-of-progress probation for two consecutive semesters. The college Veterans Office is also required to notify DVA of this suspension. Please call the college Veterans Office at 949-582-4871 for further details.

Probation Documents and Petitions