Progress Probation

Being Placed On Progress Probation
A student who has enrolled in at least 12 semester units at Saddleback College is placed on progress probation when the percentage of all units in which he/she has enrolled and for which entries of "W," "I," and "NC" (NP) are recorded reaches or exceeds 50 percent.

Removal From Progress Probation
A student on progress probation because of an excess of units in which entries of "W," "I" and "NC" (NP) are recorded shall be removed from probation when the percentage of units in this category drops below 50 percent.

It is the responsibility of the student who has been placed on academic or progress probation to confer with a counselor regarding the probationary status and/or to use the services provided by the college including tutoring services, and faculty office hours. The college reserves the right to require counseling and regulation of the student's program on the basis of his/her achievement.