Current Assessment Process

Math and English Placement (step 2 of the Matriculation Process) is used as an indicator of the course levels a student should begin with and for prerequisite clearances. Placement can be obtained using one or more of the following methods.


    Online: Matriculation Math and English Placement request

    Option 1: High School Transcripts

    District versions of a high school transcript Students may submit an unofficial or official school or district issued copy (not a student or parent portal version) of their high school transcripts showing successful completion of math and English courses completed through the 11th grade (3 years of data on a single transcript is required) with an adequate overall non-weighted GPA.
    Please note: foreign and home school transcripts are not accepted.

    District transcripts looks similar to the image on the left:
    Course placement uses a Non-Weighted GPA similar to the box
    below that is located on the bottom of your high school transcript:

    High school transcript non-weighted GPA

    Option 2: High School Transcript Data on your Saddleback College Application

    Students that have reported your high school transcript data on your application to Saddleback College do not have to submit a transcript

    Option 3: Baseline Placement

    Students may request to be placed into the highest level math and English courses at Saddleback College per California State Assembly Bill 705. Please note that submitting actual high school transcript data may place you into higher level courses and this option is only available to students that have completed a minimum of 3 years of high school in the United States.

    Document Requirements and Submission Guidelines

    • C- grades are not considered passing at Saddleback College
    • High school transcripts must have completed coursework through the 11th grade.
    • All unofficial transcripts MUST include the student's name and the institution's name or logo
    • All courses to be considered must be completed and have a letter (C or above) or a credit (CR) grade
    • Photos of documents taken with a phone or a camera will not be accepted
    • Foreign and home school transcripts are not accepted.
    • Transcripts cannot be submitted in an editable format such as MS Word or Publisher. Cutting and pasting your transcript data into any document or email will not be accepted