English Prerequisites

Students that have completed one of the accepted methods of Alternative Evidence may use such evidence to clear an English prerequisite at Saddleback College. Please see all accepted methods and procedures to clear English prerequisites below:


High School Transcripts

District versions of a high school transcript Students may submit an unofficial or official school or district issued copy (NOT a student portal version) of their high school transcripts showing successful completion of English courses completed through the 11th grade (3 years of data is required) with an adequate overall non-weighted GPA.
Please note: foreign and home school transcripts are not accepted and some out of state transcripts may not qualify.

A District transcript looks similar to the image on the right:
Course placement uses a Non-Weighted GPA similar to the box
below which is usually located at the bottom of your high school transcript:

High school transcript non-weighted GPA

Other U.S. Regionally Accredited College Transcripts

Students that have completed coursework at other U.S. accredited college with completed and passed English Composition courses with a grade of C or better may submit an unofficial or official transcript to clear an English prerequisite.

  • All courses to be evaluated MUST be included on a transcript from where the course was taken. Transfer credits on a different college transcript cannot be used.
  • All unofficial College transcripts MUST include the student's name, the college name or logo.
  • Photos of documents taken with a phone or a camera cannot be used for prerequisite evaluations.
  • All courses to be evaluated must be completed and have a letter (C or above) or a credit (CR) grade.
  • Degree Audits or Checks are not considered transcripts and cannot be used for prerequisite evaluations.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Students that have submitted official copies of their transcripts to Saddleback College will not automatically have prerequisites courses evaluated. It is the Students responsibility to submit evaluation requests to the Matriculation office or the appropriate division office to have prerequisites cleared.

AP Comp Lit or Lang Scores

Students may submit an AP Comp Lit or Lang exam score report with a score of 3 or higher.

Note: You must submit original College Board AP English results with a score of 3 or higher to be accepted. If you are submitting the online version, please click on the "Download Score Report" link (see below) and submit that copy for evaluation.

Screenshot pointing to the link that says "Download Your Score Report"

Clearing an English Prerequisite with our Assessment Exam

  • Schedule a Saddleback College assessment exam online or by calling the Matriculation Office or attend a walk-in assessment exam without the need of an appointment.
  • If your assessment results show placement into a class higher than your prerequisite you have cleared the prerequisite course.
  • Assessment and placement results will take 24 hours to post on MySite.

Note: Students can only place as high as English 1A by taking the assessment exam.

Note: Students cannot place into ESL courses or clear ESL prerequisites by taking our non-ESL English exam.