English Writing Sample Appeal

Women Studying The Writing Sample is a way for students to appeal their English Composition placement level before the 3 months waiting period. If a student believes that their placement recommendation is not indicative of his/her abilities, the student may appeal their English placement by taking the Writing Sample Exam. Students taking the Writing Sample Exam will read a short passage and write an essay answering the prompt. Appeals are final and the placement given from this test cannot be appealed again.

  • Test Appointments: Writing Sample Schedule
  • Test Time: 1 hour total
  • Test Scoring: Appeals are scored by a panel of instructors and will be completed with-in 5 business days from the day after the test was taken unless that day falls on a weekend. If the next day falls on a weekend, the 5 days will begin on the following Monday.

Important things to remember:

  • We CANNOT use high school transcripts as an English placement appeal.
  • You can only use the Writing Sample appeal process one time.
  • Once you attempt the appeal you cannot take the regular assessment exam again. This is a final appeal.
  • Writing Sample exams can take up to 5 business days to score so please plan ahead.