English as a Second Language (ESL)

Students that wish to enroll in ESL classes at Saddleback College should consider taking the ESL placement exam to determine the appropriate starting level. Please see the information below for more help selecting an ESL program that is right for you.

ESL (English as a Second Language) Testing

The ESL test is designed to give an ESL course placement to students that wish to enroll in ESL writing courses. Students that are looking to enroll in ESL writing courses should take this test before they enroll. All students attending an ESL test have the opportunity to meet with a counselor to receive their exam scores (course placement) and ask questions.

    Test Appointments: (ESL) Testing Schedule
    Test Time: 3 hours total, 45 min. exam and 2 hours with a counselor
    Test Scoring: Tests results will be given out during the counseling/advisement session
    Test Samples: ESL Questions
    Test Types: Celsa exams 1 and 2 (scantron & pencil)

ESL Flyers and Help Guides