Frequently Asked Questions about Matriculation

I was denied registration due to my matriculation status. What should I do?

Call the Matriculation office at 949.582.4970 or look in your MySite to determine which part of the Matriculation Process is incomplete. The Matriculation Process has 3 steps and they all must be completed before students are eligible to register for any class.

I took the assessment tests at another school, can I use them at Saddleback College?

Saddleback College does not give a math and/or English assessment exam during the Matriculation Process so we do not accept any other college's exam for placement. Math and English placement is currently based off of high school data.

Where is the Matriculation Office located?

The Matriculation Office in located in the Village. Village number 8-5 is the office front door and Village 8-3 is the entrance to our computer lab. Village 8-3 is used for many of our workshops and our prerequisite challenge exams.

Map of theVillage Area of Campus

Is there a fee to take the prerequisite challenge exams?

Students that need to take the prerequisite challenge exam can do so without incurring any fees.

Where do I park if I need to visit the Matriculation Office?

Parking lot 1 and 4A are centrally located to the Village 8. Valid campus parking permits are required! Daily parking passes are available. Please note that parking lot 4A is closed at this time.

Map of theVillage Area of Campus

Why am I required to Matriculate?

The California State (Student Success Act SB1456) require every student that does not yet have a minimum of an AA degree from an accredited U.S. college, are concurrently enrolled at another 4-year college or taking classes for personal development to go through the Matriculation Process no matter what class they are trying to register for. California regulations state that each student must complete the Matriculation Process prior to being eligible to register for any class at Saddleback College.

Do I have to submit a high school transcript to receive math and English placement?

No, students that have reported their high school math and English data when completing the Saddleback College application are welcome to use the online Guided Self Placement tool (GSP). Also, any student that has an unweighted cumulative GPA less than 3.0 and who has not successfully completed Algebra 2 or higher should use the Guided Self Placement tool. Using GSP for your placement is much quicker and can usually be completed with-in 10 minutes or less.

How do I determine which English and math classes I should take?

We suggest that students see a counselor and complete a MAP if they are unsure of the classes they should be enrolling in.

What is a Prerequisite?

A prerequisite is a course that must be taken and passed with a grade of C or better before moving up to the next course in a sequence. Example: English 200 is the prerequisite for English 1A and must be passed with a C or better before a student is eligible to enroll in English 1A. More information regarding prerequisites can be found on the Clearing Prerequisites web page.

What is a Support Corequisite?

A support corequisite is a companion course that is required to be taken concurrently with the target course. The information presented, or the practice gained, in the support corequisite course is considered necessary for success in the target course. Example: Your placement from the Matriculation Process allows you to take Math 124+224. The support corequisite is the 224 course and you must sign up for it at the same time you sign up for Math 124. Please note, not all classes have a required support class and there are appeal methods that can be used to try and place into a level that would not require the support class.

Can I appeal the Matriculation Process?

No, the Matriculation Process is based off of your educational goal and status. Students that are required to complete the Matriculation Process must complete all 3 steps in the process.

Starting in fall 2014, new state regulations will give priority registration to students who have completed all steps of the matriculation process and are in good academic standing.

I have my Student Educational Plan but the classes I wanted are already filled. What do I do?

Add yourself to the course wait list or attend the first day of class to see if the instructor is giving out an (APC) Add Permit Code which is required to register for any course that is full or has already started.

I took college English and/or math at another college. May I use those courses to complete the Matriculation Process?

No. Saddleback College uses high school transcript data or our Guided Self Placement tool for placement. Once you have completed the Matriculation Process, you are welcome to clear prerequisites, if needed, with your other college transcripts.

I need to get a prerequisite cleared right away, what do I do?

Visit our Clearing Prerequisites web page and follow the instructions posted. An online form is available for quick submission of your request, however, some evaluations can take up to 5 business days so please plan ahead.

What is Freshman Advantage?

The Freshman Advantage Program is designed for new incoming freshmen of any age that will be attending Saddleback College in the Fall Semester. This program offers new freshmen the opportunity to apply early, complete the Matriculation Process early, receive an early Freshman Advantage registration date, and enroll in classes before the majority of new and continuing students.