Frequently Asked Questions about Matriculation

I was denied registration, due to my matriculation status. What should I do?

Call the Matriculation office at 949.582.4970 or look in your MySite to determine which part of the Matriculation Process is incomplete.

I took the assessment tests at another school, can I use them at Saddleback College?

We can accept English placement results from the CTEP exam and MDTP math exam raw scores from other California Community Colleges as Alternative Evidence. Assessment results must be submitted to the Matriculation Office along with a College Prerequisite Evaluation Form. Students that are required to matriculate and use Alternative Evidence to clear their assessment exams are still required to complete the remaining steps of the Matriculation process.

How much does the test cost?

There is no cost to students for the Matriculation assessment tests.

Where are the tests held?

Tests are held in the Matriculation testing room located in Village 8-3 for nights and weekends and 8-5 for all other testing sessions.

Map of theVillage Area of Campus

When I arrive for testing, where do I park?

Parking lot 1 is centrally located to the Village 8. Valid campus parking permits are required! Daily parking passes are available.

Map of theVillage Area of Campus

Why am I required to Matriculate?

The California State (Student Success Act SB1456) require every student that does not yet have a minimum of an AA degree from an accredited U.S. college, are concurrently enrolled at another 4-year college or taking classes for personal development to go through the Matriculation Process no matter what class they are trying to register for. California regulations state that each student must complete the Matriculation Process prior to being eligible to register for any class at Saddleback College.

How do I know which tests to take?

Students that are required to complete the Matriculation Process must take the reading, English, and Math exams, unless they have Alternative Evidence in either the math and/or English subject areas.

How do I determine which English and math classes I should take?

The online Student Advisement and MAP will help you select courses based on your assessment and placement in the subject areas of math, English, and reading. We suggest that students see a counselor or complete a MAP workshop if they need more guidance.

What is a Prerequisite?

A prerequisite is a course that must be taken and passed with a grade of C or better before moving up to the next course in a sequence. Example: English 200 is the prerequisite for English 1A and must be passed with a C or better before a student is eligible to enroll in English 1A.

What is a Co-requisite?

A co-requisite is a companion course that is required to be taken concurrently with the target course. The information presented, or the practice gained, in the co-requisite course is considered necessary for success in the target course. Example: English 340 has a co-requisite English 341 (reading lab) and students must be concurrently enrolled in both classes.

Can I appeal the Matriculation process?

NO. Students that are required to complete the Matriculation Process must complete all 3 steps in the process. Students may use Alternative Evidence in place of the assessment exams but will still be required to complete the Orientation and Advisement/Ed Plan before their Matriculation Status is Complete.

Starting in fall 2014, new state regulations will give registration priority to students who have completed all steps of the matriculation process and are in good academic standing.

I have my Student Educational Plan but the classes I wanted are already filled. What do I do?

Always attend the first day of class to see if the instructor is giving out an (APC) Add Permit Code which is required to register for any course that is full or has already started.

I took college English, and or math, at another college. May I use those courses in place of testing??

Yes. You may submit Alternative Evidence for evaluation in place of taking the assessment exams. Evaluations can take 5 - 10 days so please plan ahead. Math and English courses must be complete and have no less than a C grade to be accepted as alternative evidence.

What placement tests does Saddleback College Matriculation give?

Please see the Assessment Test page.