Matriculation Office

 The Matriculation Office is open remotely.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Matriculation Office summer operating hours, Monday - Thursday 8am to 5:45pm. Closed Fridays beginning, May 28th.

Online services are available to students for the following: Clearing Prerequisites for Saddleback courses and completing the 3-step Matriculation Process. Details can be found on our website.

If you have a question for the Matriculation Office, please call (949) 582-4970 or use our Contact Form.

The Matriculation Process

Step 1 of the Matriculation Process     Step 2 of the Matriculation ProcessStep 3 of the Matriculation Process

The 3-step Matriculation Process was designed to assist Saddleback College students with achieving specific educational goals. Students are required to complete all steps of the Matriculation Process if they are working towards earning a Certificate, Associate Degree, or Transfer to a 4-year college or university. Additionally, all undecided first-time college students are required. California Community College regulations state that new students must complete all steps of matriculation prior to enrolling for classes, unless exempt. Whether a student is required or exempt is determined when a student applies for admission.

Students who are exempt based off application data were assigned a matriculation status of 'Not Required.' Exemption criteria includes the following: completed 30+ units at another college; earned an AA/AS degree (or higher) from an accredited college or university; concurrently enrolled at a 4-year college or university; taking non-academic or non-credit classes for educational development (KNES, AESL, EI); dual enrolled in grades K-12 (Special Admission). If applicable, exempt students may still opt into orientation, assessment, or advisement services. However, completion of the Matriculation Process alone will not improve Registration Appointment Priority, which is a function of a student's application data, including highest Educational Status and current Educational Goal.

Exempt students should call the Matriculation Office if they have questions about their 'Not Required' matriculation status.

The Matriculation Process includes the following steps:

1. New Student Online Orientation
2. Math and English Placement from the Current Assessment Process
3. Student Advisement including a First Semester Ed Plan

Matriculation follow-up services monitor student progress and inform and/or direct students who may be on academic and/or progress probation to appropriate services and programs for assistance.

Know Your Rights: The AB 705 Initiative and What it Means for First Time College Students

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