K-12 Students Attending Saddleback College

All students, including K-12 students, who intend to register for English, math, or any other course with a prerequisite must clear the target course's prerequisite to gain eligibility. K-12 students attending Saddleback College must complete the following steps before course enrollment:

  • Apply to Saddleback College using the online application.
  • Download the 'K-12 Special Admission Request Form', available from the Admissions and Records Office.
  • Choose the Saddleback College classes you want to enroll in; fill out and sign the special admission form, making sure to include both student and parent signatures.
  • Have your high school principal sign and emboss the special admission form with the school seal.
  • Submit the K-12 Special Admission Request Form into the Admissions and Records Office before the deadline.
  • Contact the Matriculation Office to clear the prerequisite for any course(s) you seek to enroll in. Prerequisite clearance methods, including accepted forms of evidence are available on the Clearing Prerequisites webpage: https://www.saddleback.edu/matriculation/Clearing-Prerequisites. Evidence can be submitted for evaluation using the Online Prerequisite Evaluation Request Form.

All K-12 Students are required to complete the Special Admission Request Form. Please see the Admissions and Records webpage for the K-12 Concurrent Enrollment Program guidelines.

Parents: Before calling on the behalf of your student, please understand our limitations. See Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the law which governs colleges in the release of information to students or to parents.