Math Placement Appeal

A student who desires placement in a higher level mathematics course than resulted from the usual assessment process may complete an “Appeal Petition” in the Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Division Office, SM 334.

The following items must be included with the Appeal Petition:
1. The student’s high school transcript.
2. College transcript and college catalog description of each mathematics courses on the transcript.
3. Official results of the appropriate Saddleback College mathematics placement exam.
Students should visit Matriculation Office for help obtaining these documents.

Students seeking enrollment in MATH 353 must complete either the level 1 or level 2 mathematics placement test. Those seeking enrollment in MATH 205 or 253 must complete either the level 2 or level 3 mathematics placement test. Students who wish to enroll in MATH 7, 8, 10, 11, 112 or 124 must complete the level 3 placement test. Students must complete the level 4 mathematics placement test for all higher level
math courses. Students that have "No Placement" from the MDTP math exam cannot file this appeal. You must take a different level math exam and receive placement prior to filing this appeal.

An Appeals Committee will meet to review the Appeal Petition and supporting documents within five working days. If the appeal is approved the student will be allowed to enroll in the higher level course. If the appeal is denied, the student will not be eligible for the higher level course and will be dropped if prior enrollment was allowed. Appeal results are final and placement cannot be appealed again.