Matriculation Process

Matriculation Process Document

After you have applied to Saddleback College you will receive your "Permit To Register" email with-in 48 hours or less. In this email you will be notified whether you are required to matriculate or not. Students that do not have a minimum of an AA/AS degree will be required to matriculate and must complete the following process before they can register for any class.

Step 1: Online Orientation - From with-in your Permit To Register email there will be a link to the Online Orientation landing page. Click on either of the links from the landing page and the orientation will begin. You may see a RED screen for 30 to 60 seconds before it begins during peak usage. You may also click on the Online Orientation button to the left and follow the instructions to log into MySite and access the Orientation.

Step 2A: Take the Assessment Exams  - Appointments for assessment can be made online, at the Matriculation Office (Village 8-5), or by calling the Matriculation Office (949-582-4970). Students must have a Saddleback College student ID number to make a testing appointment.

Note: If you have taken math and/or English courses at another college, please look at step 2B "Alternative Evidence" below.

Step 2B: Turn in Alternative Evidence - Students who have completed and passed a math and English course at another college/university or taken and received a 3 or higher on the English and calculus AP exams can submit Alternative Evidence to complete the assessment step of the Matriculation Process. Please see the Alternative Evidence webpage for more information.

Step 3: Student Advisement - Advisement sessions are conducted online and help students to determine their educational goal and prepare a First Semester Educational Plan using My Academic Plan (MAP). The Advisement is completed Online in MySite after assessment testing or the evaluation of Alternative Evidence.

Special Services Note: If you have a severe physical, communication or visual limitation that might require testing accommodation or if you have extreme difficulty with reading, writing, spelling, math or understanding/remembering information, please contact the Special Services Office in the Student Services Center, Room 113 or at 949-582-4885 to make alternative arrangements.