Matriculation Process

Matriculation Process Document

The process listed below must be completed by all students that do not yet have a minimum of an AA/AS degree from an accredited U.S. college, concurrently enrolled at another 4-year college, taking classes for personal development (e.g. Yoga, Swimming etc.) or concurrently enrolled in grades K-11. California regulations state that all required students must complete the steps below prior to being eligible to register for any class at Saddleback College. If you find yourself required to complete the Matriculation Process and you fall into one of the groups above, please contact our office.

Step 1: Online Orientation - is accessible in your MySite (My Information > Matriculation > Online Orientation) or from this direct link: View Online Orientation. Students must complete all sections and pass the final test at the end of the orientation in order to receive credit for this step of the Matriculation Process. Average time for completion is about 30 minutes. Students should print or photograph the completion certificate for their records.

Step 2: Math and English Placement via our Current Assessment Process as of 10/18/18 (NO More Testing). Average time for completion is 3 to 5 business days. Placement can be obtained using one or more of the following methods:

  1. Option 1: High School Transcripts
    Submit an evaluation request (click to access form) and a district copy (not the school portal version) of your high school transcripts showing successful completion of math and English courses through the 11th grade with an adequate overall non-weighted GPA.
    Please note: foreign and home school transcripts are not accepted!
  2. Option 2: High School Transcript Data from your Saddleback College Application
    Submit an evaluation request (click to access form) stating that you have reported your high school transcript data on your application to Saddleback College.
  3. Option 3: Baseline Placement (this option includes our first tier of transfer level classes with support)
    Submit an evaluation request (click to access form) and request to be placed into the highest level math and English courses at Saddleback College per California State Assembly Bill 705. Please note: submitting actual high school transcript data may place you into higher level courses and this option is NOT available to students that wish to enroll in ESL courses.

Online form: Matriculation Math and English Placement request

Please Note: Submitting official high school transcripts to Saddleback College does not automatically clear this step. You must submit an evaluation request to the Matriculation Office.

Step 3: Student Advisement Including a First Semester Plan - helps students determine a potential major, an educational goal, and prepares their First Semester Plan using My Academic Plan (MAP). The Advisement and Educational Plan can be completed in MySite Advisement after Math and English placement is obtained from one of the methods listed above or in person during a Group Advisement session. Group Advisement schedules are posted on the Matriculation website. Average time for completion is about 45 - 60 minutes.

Please note: The Advisement/Ed Plan should be completed after you have received Math and English placement from step 2 above.
Special Services Note: If you have a severe physical, communication or visual limitation that might require accommodation or if you have extreme difficulty with reading, writing, spelling, math or understanding/remembering information, please contact the Special Services Office in the Student Services Center, Room 113 or at 949-582-4885 to make alternative arrangements.