Matriculation Process

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Saddleback College's 3-step Matriculation Process was designed to assist college students with achieving specific educational goals: earning a Certificate, Associate Degree, or Transfer to a 4-year college or university. The Matriculation Process includes an Online Orientation, Initial Math and English Placement, and Advisement including a First Semester Educational Plan. Students are assigned a matriculation status of 'Required' or 'Not Required' when they apply for admission to Saddleback College. Based off application data, most first-time college students are required.

Exemption criteria includes the following:

  • completed 30+ college units at the time of admission
  • earned an AA/AS degree or higher from an accredited college or university
  • concurrently enrolled 4-year college or university student taking classes to meet degree requirements
  • taking non-academic or non-credit classes for educational development (KNES, AESL, EI)
  • dual-enrolled in grades K-12 (Special Admission)

California Community College regulations state that all non-exempt students must complete the Matriculation Process prior to registering for any class. For detailed information on how to complete each step, click on the images numbered above.

Special Services Note: If you have a physical, communication, or visual limitation that might require accommodation or if you have extreme difficulty with reading, writing, spelling, math or understanding/remembering information, please contact the Special Services Office at 949-582-4885.