Other or No Placement

Students may see other placement descriptions (results) on their Assessment & Placement letter that do not designate a course to enroll in. Please see the explanations below for all other placements.

See Counselor (Reading)

Students that receive the "See Counselor" placement on the Reading portion of the assessment exam, did not meet the lowest cut-off score for Reading placement. Students that have received the See Counselor placement must make a counseling appointment to determine which reading course is appropriate. Students may be directed to take the ESL (English as a Second Language) placement exam.

Take Lower Test

Students that do not meet the lowest cut-off score in math exam levels 2, 3, or 4 will receive a "Take Lower Test" notation on their placement letter. Students who receive this recommendation have the option to take a lower level math test at the next available testing period or repeat the same math assessment test after a three month waiting period.

See Counselor for Course Recommendation (English)

If you have received a placement that reads " See Counselor for Course Recommendation" you have most likely completed 2 semesters of college level advanced composition and will need to consult with a counselor to see if you need to take anymore English. This placement clears all English prerequisites and you will be eligible to enroll in any English course offered but it is highly recommended that you see a counselor before enrolling.

Note: You can only received this placement by having Alternative Evidence evaluated.

No Placement

Students that submit Alternative Evidence for course placement and to clear prerequisites may see that they have received a No Placement result in their MySite. The No Placement result simply means that the course you attempted to use for the evaluation was denied. Courses may be denied due to substandard grades (C- or lower) or if the course description does not match the Saddleback College prerequisite course description. In some cases you may receive a lower placement than originally asked for on the evaluation request. i.e. Just because a course is named Intermediate Algebra does not mean that it is equivalent to the Saddleback College Intermediate Algebra course.