Prerequisite Evaluation Request

Submit this evaluation request form if you seek to enroll in a Saddleback College course with a prerequisite. Prerequisites clearance is only granted with specific evidence. Document requirements for all evidence are listed on the Clearing Prerequisites webpage. All prerequisite evaluations are processed in the order received and can take up to 5 business days. Plan ahead to avoid registration delays.
Note: Fields marked with a red asterisk (*) require an input or selection.

Student Information
Enter your Saddleback College Student Number.
Enter a valid phone number in case we need to contact you.
If you have changed your name (e.g. marriage), enter the different name that shows up on your transcript(s).
Provide the semester you plan on taking this target course(s). (Example: Fall)
By selecting "I Agree" you acknowledge the following: It is my responsibility to provide proof of course completion that meets the Saddleback College prerequisite requirements. Incomplete courses, in-progress courses, and grades of C- or lower are not accepted. Photos and editable documents are not accepted. An Add Permit Code (APC) does not override a prerequisite.
First Course to be Evaluated
Enter the first course you wish to enroll in at Saddleback College that has a required prerequisite. Example: Math 10, PSYC 2, ECON 2, BIO 15, CHEM 3...
Enter the specific class(s) from your transcript that we need to evaluate to clear this prerequisite. Examples: Math 30 from Orange Coast College, AP English Lang/Comp Exam with a score of 4, ACCT 100 from CSU Fullerton, 2 years of high school Spanish...