Reading Placement

Students that take the CTEP Reading Comprehension exam will receive a reading course placement for either English 345, English 340, English 180, or fulfilling your reading competency for an AA degree at Saddleback College.

reading course sequence Possible Exam Placements:

English 345 Building Basic Reading Skills:
This course is recommended for students whose reading placement scores indicate a substantial need for reading improvement. Materials will be at the student’s instructional reading level and range from expository readings to novels and short stories.

English 340 Reading Skills for College:
This is a traditional class, limited in size, to prepare students for college-level work by bringing their reading abilities and study skills to college proficiency. Emphasis is on individual help and guided instruction to develop reading confidence and success in college. English 340 clears the prerequisite to enroll in English Composition 200.

English 180 Speed Reading and Comprehension Training:
This traditional class is designed for students reading at or above 10th-grade level who wish to increase their reading efficiency.

Reading competency for an AA degree: Students that receive this placement have met the Reading Competency for an AA degree and are not required to take a reading class for the Saddleback College AA requirement.

Alternative Evidence Placements:

Students that have already completed and passed a college level English composition course equivalent to English 1A may clear the prerequisite to be eligible for enrollment in English 70 Reasoning and College Reading.

Note: English 70 has an English 1A prerequisite and will not be open to students until they have completed English 1A or turned in Alternative Evidence that places them into English 70.

English Reading Flyer