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Fall 2017 English Refresh Workshops

Register for an English Refresh Workshop

Refresh is a workshop designed to refresh students’ skills, build their confidence and coordinate re-test efforts into higher level English courses. Each workshop will take place over the course of 3 days.

Goal: Re-test and place into the next level of the math or English sequence. Students that attend Refresh workshops are eligible to retest prior to the 3 month waiting period.

Who can apply: Students who have taken the Matriculation assessment exams and placed into basic skills courses including: English 300, 390, and 200 are eligible to apply. Final acceptance is determined after you register for your workshop.

Where: All workshops will take place at Saddleback College.

When: Specific dates are posted below.

Why: Save time! Save money!

One basic skills English 200 course lasts 16 weeks and students will be required to spend up to 12 hours per course including homework and studying time.

Parents and students will save money. California community college courses cost $46.00 per unit. A four unit English 200 course costs $184 and new textbooks averaging between $100.00- $130.00.

Achieve Success
Students who test into higher level courses have higher success and transfer rates.

If you need assistance please contact the Matriculation Office at:
Tel: 949-582-4970

You must attend all days of the workshop!

English Workshop #7 - CLOSED

Monday, August 7, 8am - 12am
Wednesday, August 9, 8am - 12am
Friday, August 11, 8am - 12am (testing will take place on this day)

English Workshop #8 - Cancelled

Monday, September 11, 11am - 3pm
Wednesday, September 13, 11am - 3pm
Friday, September 15, 9am - 1pm (testing will take place on this day)

English Workshop #9

Monday, October 9, 11am - 3pm
Wednesday, October 11, 11am - 3pm
Friday, October 13, 11am - 3pm (testing will take place on this day)

English Workshop #10

Monday, October 30, 11am - 3pm
Wednesday, November 1, 11am - 3pm
Friday, November 3, 9am - 1pm (testing will take place on this day)