Student Advisement and FSP

New Student Advisement is currently conducted online and helps students to determine their educational goal and prepare a First Semester Educational Plan (FSP) using My Academic Plan (MAP). The Advisement is completed Online in MySite. Before you advance to the Advisement, you must have Initial Math and English Placement. Your placements were obtained by completing the Guided Self Placement surveys or from an evaluation of your high school transcript. It is highly recommended that you view your Initial Math and English Placement results in MySite before you start the Online Advisement and create your First Semester Plan.

Option 1: Online Student Advisement and Ed Plan in MySite

You must complete the Student Advisement from within your MySite account in order to receive credit for this step. Please review the following steps to log into MySite and start the Online Advisement. You may click on either link below to start the Advisement. You must know your Student ID number and PIN code to access your MySite. (If you don't have your login credentials, call the Admissions and Records Office at 949-582-4555 for instructions on how to obtain them.)

  1. Click on the following link to be directed right to the Online Advisement page in your MySite:
    Go Directly to the Online Advisement
  2. Once logged into MySite, follow the instructions below:
  • Click on the link that reads: My Information
  • Click on the link that reads: Matriculation
  • Click on the link that reads: Online Advisement

Option 2: In-Person Group Advisement and Educational Planning Sessions

*CANCELED until further notice*
Small in-person Group Advisement sessions are held on the Saddleback College campus to help students complete step 3 of the Matriculation Process with a Counselor. Appointments are required for all Group Advisement sessions.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All in-person workshops on campus have been CANCELED until further notice. Please see the Counseling website for more information:

Accessing MAP and Completing your First Semester Educational Plan

When students complete the online Advisement they are directed to the My Academic Plan (MAP) program from the final page so they can complete their First Semester Plan (FSP). If you missed the link to move on to FSP, follow the instructions below.

  1. Click on the following link to be directed right to the MAP program in your MySite:
    Go directly to the My Academic Plan landing page
  2. While in your MySite, follow the instructions below:
  • Click on the menu item that reads: My Academic Plan
  • Click on the menu item that reads: About Academic Plans
  • Watch the help video (if needed), and then click on Create an Academic Plan