Majid Karimi

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Bus Sci & Vocation Ed & Econ Dev Associate Faculty
Accounting & Finance
Business and General Studies
Saddleback College

My name is Majid Karimi, with MBA in Finance, I have been a part time instructor in the Accounting department for the past 16 years, I have thought financial, managerial, and cost accounting courses. I have had extensive work experience as a finance executive for several companies including medical device and pharmaceuticals corporations for the past 40 years. I retired on tax day of 2019 as Director of Cost Accounting, Plant Controller, which allows me to dedicate more times to teaching. My extensive work experience provides me an opportunity to share my practical perspective with students while covering the course material in the text book.

In my classes all course requirements such as homework assignments, discussion board, and exams are completed using Canvas. During the semester students will have the opportunity to work as a team on a class project and during class work as a team on assigned exercises, and they are encouraged to participate in the class discussion during lecture.

I like to cook, walk, and love to spend time with my 4 grandchildren.