Between Breaks

I’d like to start off this morning with a hearty endorsement of Undocumented, this year’s choice for One Book One College.  You can of course read any number of thoughtful, nuanced, and insightful reviews online, and the socio-political context that informs those reviews is worthy of attention in its own right.  For now, however, I just want to say that I really, really enjoyed the book.  So I encourage all of you to read it, perhaps over the next holiday break.  For more info, see the ob1c page.

I hope that the time off gave each of you exactly what you needed.  Apparently, I needed food.  After a succession of three  amazing multi-family suppers, yesterday found us in the city, enjoying Tomales Bay oysters and ACME bread in the rain.  I'm still stuffed.

Among time spent with family and friends, the break also gave me a chance to go through email chains, in which I realized that I missed a couple of replies to some of you.  Even worse, I also neglected to connect a funny and meaningful email introduction to the person I met face-to-face.  I regret both those oversights, and hope you realize that I value each piece of written communication that comes my way.  If ever you miss a reply, let me know.  It's also a good idea to include Ryan Brook on carbon copy, as he can note my need to reply.

Speaking of replies, I was super impressed with the sheer number and wide range of responses to my request to name these weekly communiques. Some suggestions matched or even surpassed my tendency toward cheesiness (e.g., "From the President's Purple Pen" and “Early Earthy Emotives”).  After careful consideration, I'm going with "Monday Missive".  Three of you independently submitted this, and I like it.

Welcome back to what I consider the true "holiday break"--the time between Thanksgiving and all the holiday festivities still to come.