Help Recruit a New VP!

Dear Colleagues,

As many of you are already aware, Carol Hilton is retiring this month.  She leaves a proud legacy of sound fiscal management and clear-eyed leadership in support of the institution's effectiveness.  As a senior executive with a broad portfolio--facilities, IT, business services, the police force and other areas--Carol has served with grace and kindness, even as she weathered multiple transitions and helped the college overcome various challenges.

Given all that I've learned in the past few months, I'm convinced that the college will be moving forward on exceptionally sound footing.  Now, it's time to find a successor.  I'm meeting with the screening committee this week to share with them my vision for this position.

With that in mind, I am asking for one thing in today's communication:  Spread the word!!!!   Think of someone you know who might know someone.  Send them this email.  You can even use this text:

Please help spread the word about the exciting opportunity to become Saddleback College's next VP of Administrative Services.  This is a wonderful opportunity to join a fiscally solvent and well-run college and district.  The position is particularly attractive for someone interested in a college-wide leadership role, with a wide range of departments and services.  It's an exciting and dynamic environment to work in.  As the college nears its 50-year anniversary, faculty and staff are building on a tradition of excellence in learning and teaching,

For more information, please send potential applicants to our web page on the position.

Also, please ask potential applicants to visit South Orange County CCD's job site for the formal announcement.

The position closes on the 3rd of January.  

There is NOTHING that I take more seriously than hiring and I have complete confidence in the screening committee, composed of strong faculty and staff leaders from within the college along with representatives from IVC and district services.  This college and our students deserve the absolute highest level of excellence in every employee who joins our team.  On top of that, I have a special (admittedly selfish) interest in the composition of my executive team.

Enjoy finals week!