Chemistry Scholarships at Saddleback College

The Science Scholarship Foundation of Saddleback College offers the Harold Friedemann Chemistry Scholarship, which provides up to $10,000 to outstanding chemistry students who attend Saddleback College, meet the scholarship requirements, and transfer to a qualified university as a chemistry, chemical engineering, or biochemistry major.

How Does a Student Become Eligible for a Chemistry Scholarship?

To be eligible for a Foundation Scholarship, a student...
  • must be a citizen of the United States
  • cannot be a Trustee of the Foundation, a member of the Board of Selection or a relative of any Trustee or member of the Board of Selection.
  • must have completed Chemistry courses 1A, 1B, 12A, and 12B at Saddleback College and have attained at least a 3.5 GPA in these courses.
  • must have completed Math 3A, 3B, and 3C, Physics 4A and 4B at Saddleback College (or equivalent courses at other institutions) an have attained a 3.0 GPA in these five courses.
  • will attend an accredited four-year college or university on a full-time basis and be enrolled either in an ACS-approved chemistry program leading to a B.S. in chemistry, or a program in biochemistry or chemical engineering acceptable to the Board of Selection.

How Many Chemistry Scholarships Are Awarded Each Year?

The number of Harold Friedemann Scholarships awarded by the Foundation depends upon the qualifications of the applicants and the funds available for that particular year.

Who Decides Which Students Are Awarded Chemistry Scholarships?

The Board of Selection at Saddleback College chooses the recipients. At present the seven full-time Saddleback College chemistry professors comprise the Board of Selection: Dr. Sam Abbas, Dr. Bill Alston, Dr. Teresa Bear, Dr. Scott Fier, Dr. Ryan McKeachie, Dr. Christina White, and Dr. Jim Zoval.  

Must a Student Show Financial Need to Receive a Chemistry Scholarship?

No. However, financial need may be a consideration in making final selections.

How Does a Student Apply for a Chemistry Scholarship?

A student in his or her final Spring Semester at Saddleback College may download and print the application here. The com­pleted application must be returned to the SME Division Office by the first Wednesday in April. 

Once Awarded, What Must Be Done to Continue Receiving Funds?

Students who have been awarded a Foundation Scholarship have obligations to uphold in order to continue receiving funds. Scholarship recipients must..
  • submit proof of enrollment at the beginning of each term at the four-year college or university.
  • submit a list of the classes required for the approved B.S. degree at the recipient's four-year college or university and a plan detailing how the student plans to complete these courses within two years.
  • submit an official transcript at the end of each term as soon as the transcript becomes available.
  • maintain acceptable academic progress toward the approved B.S. degree and at least a 3.0 grade point average in major's classes.

Where Does the Foundation Money Come From? 

The Foundation was instituted by a former Saddleback student who thought highly of chemistry in general and Saddle­back's Chemistry Department in particular. The program was intended to encourage and assist chemistry students in pursuing careers in chemistry.