Mathematics Honors FAQ's


Information about Spring 2021 Math 3A Honors will be made available soon

How is the Honors Calculus class different from the regular Calculus class?

The Honors class covers the same material as the regular class, but incorporates information about proving math in general, and the "why" of the math at hand. Regular classes mention the theorems (which often summarize the "why") and focus on the mechanics of how the calculus is done. The Honors class covers the mechanics and also thoroughly discusses the "why" behind the math, so the Honors class will also cover some proof techniques. The Honors class works in greater depth on how to read and accurately write mathematics. Also the Honors class is smaller than a traditional section of Math 3A with 45 students.


Is the grading for the Honors Class different from the regular class?

No. The class material is enriched, but the grading is comparable.


Who is qualified to take the class?

 Information about enrollment in Spring 2021 Math 3A Honors will be made available soon


Who do I contact if I am interested in taking the course?

Contact the professor listed in the online course schedule if you are interested in the course. When you contact the professor, please provide your student ID number.  In addition, if you took precalculus at Saddleback, please inform the professor and let him/her know when you took it and what grade you earned.