Chemistry Department

Science Building
3rd Floor Rooms 311 - 329Sciences Building

Department Chairperson
Dr. Teresa Bear View Faculty Profile
Office: SCI 318
Phone: (949) 582-4327

Chemistry Computer Lab
Location: SCI 322
Hours of Operation: M-F / 11am-7pm
Phone: (949) 582-4957

Chemistry Stockroom
Location: SCI 331
Hours of Operation: M-Th / 9am-7pm
Phone: (949) 582-4955

Clearing Prerequisites

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Chemistry Challenge Exam

The Chemistry Challenge Exam is available for students to attempt to place into the first semester of General Chemistry (Chem 1A) without first taking the prerequisite course, Fundamental Chemistry (Chem 3).

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Chemistry Department Overview

The Saddleback College Chemistry department is located on the third floor of the Sciences Building, which opened in 2016, and over 800 students take chemistry each semester. Instructors teach both the lecture and lab portion of each course, and classes have a maximum of 28 students each. The department has eight full-time instructors, numerous part-time instructors, two stockroom technical support staff, and one instructional programmer. Instructors are available for office hours throughout the week, and the LRC Tutoring Center is available to all students at no cost. A link to the tutoring schedule is found below.

For pre-nursing students and allied health majors, the department offers a one-semester introductory course in General, Organic, and Biochemistry. This course is a prerequisite for many health science programs, including the Saddleback College Nursing Program.

For science majors, pre-professionals, and engineering majors, the department offers year-long majors’ courses in General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. These freshman and sophomore level courses provide students the undergraduate coursework needed in chemistry to transfer to any four-year university as a STEM major. A link to planning your transfer is found below. Finally, an introductory Fundamental Chemistry course is also offered for students needing more preparation before starting the major’s sequence.


LRC Tutoring Schedule

Planning your Transfer to a UC or CSU


Laboratory Safety Forms and Videos

Lab Safety Form (General)
Lab Safety Form (Organic)
Lab Safety Video - American Chemical Society
Lab Safety Video - Crash Course