Computer Science 1A

The first course in the Introduction to Computer Science series. Designed as a hands-on introduction to the field of computer science for students preparing to enter the field or who are looking for a general interest course. Includes an overview of the history of computers, their hardware, and systems software. Emphasizes algorithm development using modern design methodologies and programming concepts up to and including looping algorithms, functions, and arrays. Programs implemented in a contemporary high-level-language currently C++.

Course Readings


D.S. Malik, C++ Program Design Including Data Structures. 8th edition, Thomson Course Technology, 2017.
The book can be purchased at the bookstore. The previous edition is acceptable as well.

The "CS1A supplemental resources" written by P. Watkins, is available for free online. This is a supplement to the lecture notes. The topics covered in this class follow the book, please read the topics as we cover them in class. Unless noted, all reading assignments must be completed before class. Please note that additional topics may be added as the schedule permits.

Chapter 1: History and Hardware

Chapter 2: Computer Software, Applications and Networking

Chapter 3: Problem Solving

Chapter 4: Introduction to Programming in C++

Chapter 5: Style Requirements

Chapter 6: Basic Input and Output

Chapter 7: Arithmetic

Chapter 8: Selection

Chapter 9: Repetition

Microsoft Word for Geniuses

Spreadsheets for Geniuses