Dr. William Alston
Professor of Organic Chemistry
Office: SM Bldg., room
Phone: 949.582.4706
E-mail: walston@saddleback.edu

Professor Alston earned a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Arkansas.



Picture of Professor Bear infront of a Periodic Table of the Elements.

Dr. Teresa Bear
Professor of General Chemistry
E-mail: tbear@saddleback.edu

B.S. Chemistry, UC Irvine, 1998
M.S. Organic Chemistry, UC Irvine, 2000
Ed.D., Capella University, 2013.

Teresa Bear joined the associate faculty at Saddleback College in 2007 and is the 2011 Part-time Professor of the Year for Saddleback College. After beginning her academic career at Saddleback College in 1994, she received her B.S. in chemistry at the University of California, Irvine in 1998.  After receiving a research M.S. from UCI in 2000, Teresa spent four years working in the pharmaceutical industry in the medicinal chemistry departments at both Pfizer, Inc. in La Jolla and Bayer Pharmaceuticals in West Haven, CT working on diseases such as Diabetes and AIDS.  With teaching always being a passion, she returned to academics to teach both general and organic chemistry for the University of Connecticut (UCONN).  Her primary passion is being a wife to her husband Brian (also a chemist) of 10 years and a mom to her three young children.  



Picture of Dr.Fier at his desk.


Dr. Scott Fier, Department Chair
Professor of General Chemistry
Office: SM Bldg., room 255
Phone: 949.582.4687
E-mail: sfier@saddleback.edu
Web site: www.saddleback.edu/faculty/sfier

B.S. Chemistry, UC Irvine, 1978
B.S. Biological Sciences, UC Irvine, 1978
M.S. Chemistry, UC Irvine, 1984
Ed.D. Education, Walden University, 2007

Scott Fier joined the faculty of Saddleback College in 1993. In addition to his scholarly achievements, Dr. Fier has been the Chemistry Department Chair since 2002, and is currently teaching the first semester of General Chemistry. Before working at Saddleback College he taught Chemistry and AP Chemistry at Irvine High School for 13 years, while also coaching cross country, basketball, track and field, science olympiad, and academic decathlon teams. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Patricia, their three boys, and rooting for the Anaheim Angels.


Dr. Ryan McKeachie

Dr. Ryan McKeachie
Professor of General Chemistry
Office: SM Bldg., room
Phone: 949.582.4820
E-mail: rmckeackie@saddleback.edu
Web site: Saddleback


Dr. Abel

Dr. Christina White
Professor of General Chemistry
Office: SM Bldg., room
Phone: 949.582.4820
E-mail: cabel@saddleback.edu
Web site: Saddleback

Professor Abel earned her Ph.D. in Biophysical Chemistry from the University of California in Santa Cruz and received a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.


Picture of Professor Zoval

Dr. Jim Zoval
Professor of Introduction to General, Organic, & Biochemistry
Office: SM Bldg., room
Phone: 949.582.4820
E-mail: jzoval@saddleback.edu
Web site: www.saddleback.edu/faculty/jzoval

Dr. Jim Zoval received his Doctorate in Chemistry from the University of California, Irvine in 1996.  Dr. Zoval came to Saddleback College with both academic and industrial experience.  In addition to teaching, Dr. Zoval has worked in the biotech industry during his entire career.  Dr. Zoval held positions as a Research Scientist at LightSense Inc., Sr. Project Engineer at Nanogen Inc., Research Specialist at University of California, and Sr. Manager of Special Projects Research at Burstein Technologies Inc. Most of his work has been in the chemical and engineering areas of medical and clinical diagnostic platform development.  Dr. Zoval’s professional publications include 3 chapters in text books, 26 journal publications, and 5 patents.