Division of Mathematics, Science & Engineering

Due to the Coronavirus, there are still some classes and services online.  The Administrative Office Staff of the MSE Division are available to assist you fully on-campus. 

Please email us at scmse@saddleback.edu

If you are clearing a pre-req, please go to the Matriculation webpage (under the "Student Success" heading) and click on "Clearing Prerequisites."  The form goes directly to the Matriculation Dept. and then forwarded to our Division Office.  We will reply within one (1) business day.

                                                                                                                                    For specific questions regarding your class, please contact your instructor.

                       Thank you for your patience at this time. 


Core Principle

To develop, instruct, and inspire all students in rigorous, high-quality, post-secondary education in lower division courses in mathematics, science, and engineering with a vision for tomorrow.

Art Nitta

Our Division has 46 full-time faculty, 49 associate faculty, and 14 classified staff in nine instructional areas available to serve your needs.


Science Lecture Series
The Science Lecture Series is a forum designed to give students and the Saddleback College community the chance to meet renowned scientists and industry leaders and learn about their areas of expertise.  Look for possible dates in 2022/23!

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