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Saddleback College

I began teaching in the Orange County Community College District in January, 2012.  I teach business courses at both Saddleback and Irvine Valley campuses, including Introduction to Business, Introduction to Marketing, Advertising, Business Communications, and Business English.  Prior to teaching, I spent nearly a decade working in corporate environments in project management, business analysis, product development, and marketing capacities.  I have specialized knowledge in marketing, financial markets, accounting, and software development. 

Having a passion for business, I bring a heartfelt enthusiasm to the classroom.  I believe that business is relevant to everyone and that knowledge of business will expand the way students see the world.  I have encountered opportunities in my career and my life to apply nearly everything I learned in my business studies.  Business knowledge is truly transformative and I love to share this passion with my students. 

Another passion for me is teaching.  During my career working in business, I had many opportunities to conduct training sessions and presentations.  These experiences were some of the best in my career.  It was through these experiences that I became attracted to teaching in community colleges - to working with students to construct knowledge and reach goals.  I furthered my skill in teaching through a specialized program focused specifically on teaching in community colleges.  From this program, I refined the way I look at teaching and student learning.

Student learning is the focus of my teaching. If students are not learning, I am not doing my job.  I construct courses, class sessions, and classroom environments around specific learning objectives, and I create an environment conducive to learning.  I believe that learning is best facilitated in fun, encouraging, supportive, and engaging environments.  Engagement is achieved through the use of intriguing questions and real-world experiences that students care about.  A wide variety of teaching methods and learning experiences are used to create interest and appeal to diverse learning styles, and there are many opportunities to try out thinking and receive feedback before being assessed.  My hope is for every student to be successful.   


M.B.A., California State University, Long Beach

Emphasis: Marketing

B.A., Social Ecology, University of California, Irvine

Specializations: Psychology and Social Behavior

   Criminology, Law and Society                  

Passed Level I of the C.F.A. Program (Chartered Financial Analyst)

Community College Faculty Preparation Certificate, California State University, Sacramento