Jazz Guest Artist: M.O.M / Moutin-Omicil-Moutin

Tuesday, November 8, 2022 - 7:30pm

McKinney Theatre 

$12 General; $10 Senior; $5 Student; Child Under 18 FREE

Join us in the McKinney Theatre as we host this remarkable trio for one of the final shows of their 12-city tour.

From Artist, Francois Moutin:

M.O.M (Moutin / Omicil / Moutin) is the assembly of three "mômes" (French slang for “kids”) determined to confront everything this music can offer.

The genesis of the trio is an unplanned encounter on the set of the Netflix show, The Eddy between Jowee Omicil and Louis Moutin. The connection is immediate and instinctive. François Moutin happens to be traveling through Paris around the time of the end of the shooting. He joins Jowee and Louis for a few home sessions.

The trio improvises with a completely frameless approach, driven by the thread of its collective imagination and by its individualities’ mutual listening. A singular sound emerges, melodies get created on the spot. A whole world blossoms at the point of equilibrium of the three personalities. The trio’s creativity appears to flow organically, just as fluid as it is jubilant. M.O.M’s music is altogether joyful, intense, deep and spontaneous.