15th Annual Math, Science, and Engineering Academic Triathlon ‘18

Friday, March 9, 2018 - 2:00pm to 5:00pm
SM 313 (Auditorium)

Saddleback College students are invited to participate & demonstrate their academic abilities in Math and Science in the 15th Annual Math, Science, and Engineering Academic Triathlon '18!

$2000 in scholarships will be awarded to students who score highly in this 3-hour exam. Questions were written by faculty in the Sciences (Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, Marine Science, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Astronomy, Geology) and Mathematics. Students are not expected to be an expert in all of these areas. But students should have completed a good amount of math and chemistry, and classes in the biological and physical sciences.

Students must be currently enrolled at Saddleback College. Bring a pencil, a photo ID, and your Saddleback College ID card (or at least know your number). No student who has won the Triathlon in past years at the award level of $400 or higher, or who has won a total of $500 or higher can compete again.

Sponsored by the Associated Student Government and the Division of Math, Science, and Engineering. For further information, please email Dr. Jane Horlings at jhorlings@saddleback.edu.