A Message About Pride

Treasured Saddleback Students:

With the end of the academic year approaching, I want to take a moment to talk about Gay Pride month (June), before many of you take off.

Many of you identify as LGBTQIA. So do I. I have been together with my husband for 34 years and been legally married for the last eight of them. Like some of you, I was bullied in school and spent the first quarter century of my life in the closet, to protect myself, keep a roof over my head and keep a job. It does get better, I promise you; but I know the night seems longest when dawn is imminent.

Keeping Our Campus Safe This Summer and Fall


Our District’s Administrative Regulation governing COVID vaccine requirements for students is still in effect and so those requirements will continue for summer and fall. These requirements cover all students who enroll for classes with on-campus meetings. Medical exemptions are available for students who qualify, and religious exemptions are available for new, incoming students. For more information about exemptions, follow this link.

COX Partners with Saddleback College to Create a Talent Pipeline

In 2021, Saddleback College was awarded a $150,000 grant from the Orange County Community Foundation through its Henry W. & Ellen R. Warne Family Endowment Fund to support the workforce development initiative, which will create a talent pipeline for in-demand, middle-skills jobs at Cox Communications. This initiative was designed to train target populations and industry sectors, like telecommunications, utilizing community partnerships.