Internet and WiFi Resources to Help You Succeed

As you continue to attend classes online, we know that many of you are struggling with sub-par internet speeds or lack access to WiFi.

In March of last year we created the Internet Access page as a resource to ensure that students who were looking for free or low-cost internet services could find them. We recently updated that page to include current services that are offered by various providers.

California Community College students are eligible to purchase a mobile hotspot through the California Connects Mobile Internet Program. California Connects includes a mobile hotspot that lets you stay connected to the internet in school, at home, and on the go. The mobile hotspot service, powered by Sprint, offers nationwide 4G LTE connectivity and allows users to connect up to 10 WiFi enabled devices for up to 10 hours on a single charge, no contract required.

If you currently have a cell phone plan, many of the providers have a large network of public hotspots that you can access as part of your existing plan. Currently, AT&T and Comcast/Xfinity are offering free hotspot access to the public. If you’re near campus and in need of WiFi, free Xfinity hotspots are located at La Alameda and Puerta Real, off Crown Valley Parkway.

The WiFi parking lot hosted on campus will return for the spring semester. Beginning the week of January 19, the WiFi parking lot will be available to students in Lot 5, Monday through Thursday from 8 am to 7 pm. Please enter the campus at the Marguerite Parkway and Medical Center Drive entrance. Parking spaces will be allotted to ensure appropriate distance between cars. Students will be asked to remain in their vehicles, and to access restrooms and food off-campus. Click here for instructions to log in to campus WiFi.

We hope the resources above help you find the reliable internet needed to complete your classes and coursework this semester.