New and Updated Features Available in the Class Schedule

We are pleased to release our updated class schedule that is available in desktop and mobile. 

The new and updated features of the schedule include:

  • Zero Textbook Costs: Click "Zero Textbook Costs" located in the red navigation bar at the top of the class schedule to view all classes that have zero cost for textbooks or materials. This feature is live in the Spring 2019 schedule. 
  • "No Cost" Icon: A "No Cost" icon appears in the grey box below classes that have zero textbook or material costs.
  • Improved Search: Auto-suggestions allow you to search by course ID, section ID, instructor name, location, or course description.
  • Refined Class Search: Filters are available on class listing pages for refined class search.
  • Important Dates: Set personal reminders for Important Dates by clicking to expand “Class Details”.
  • Interactive Map: Clicking on the class location will open an interactive map. On mobile devices, you can be given walking directions to the class location.
  • Shopping Cart Updates: The shopping cart now provides a calendar view of your enrolled, waitlisted, and in cart classes. The cart will alert you if any enrollment issues occur (ex: prerequisite clearance) with that class prior to your registration appointment.

Click here to see a PDF with images of each of the features. A big thank you to the Student Design Team for their time reviewing, testing, and helping the District IT team refine this system.