Saddleback College Recognizes Professors of the Year

For Immediate Release: 
April 24, 2014

Saddleback College named Dr. Alannah Rosenberg, chair and advisor of the honors program, Fariba Vatandoust, a chemistry instructor, and Collette Chattopadhyay, an art history instructor in the college’s Emeritus Institute, as the 2014 Professors of the Year. The professors were nominated by their students and will be honored on April 28th at the South Orange County Community College District Board of Trustees meeting.  

Dr. Tod A. Burnett, president of Saddleback College, stated, “Professors Rosenberg, Vatandoust, and Chattopadhyay are exemplary educators who are truly committed to the success of their students.  Saddleback College has so many phenomenal professors who are deserving of this award, yet it is clear that this year’s Professors of the Year, who earned numerous nominations by their students, have very positively influenced many lives.” 

The Saddleback Professor of the Year is Dr. Alannah Rosenberg. She has taught at the college since 1990 and is described by her students as “a dedicated teacher and inspiring mentor” who puts immeasurable time and energy into making the Saddleback College honors program a success. Students have called Dr. Rosenberg a “superhero” who is appreciated for her ever-present positivity and reassurance.

Dr. Rosenberg stated, “I am overwhelmed and humbled. I know the quality of my colleagues who have had this honor in years past. They have all been people I admired greatly, and I’m going to have to work very hard to live up to them. And I am genuinely impressed about my poker-faced honors students’ abilities to keep this all under wraps while I’m serving as their chair and advisor!”

The Associate Professor of the Year is Fariba Vatandoust, who began teaching chemistry at Saddleback College in 2007, and prepares chemistry students for higher level chemistry classes to ensure their success in the sciences. Ms. Vatandoust is most known for her caring and courteous demeanor and is highly admired for the additional time she takes to answer students’ questions and address their concerns, often outside of class.

Ms. Vatandoust stated, “My teaching experience at Saddleback has been wonderful. I love the enthusiasm of the students, and the support from the chemistry department and faculty is phenomenal. I am honored and humbled to be recognized in such a way.”

Emeritus Professor of the Year Collette Chattopadhyay created a world-class art history program that receives significant praise from students for her highly topical and thematic lectures that feature the finest experts in the arts, sciences and education. She has served as department chair in Saddleback College’s Emeritus Institute for more than six years and has dedicated much time outside of the classroom to establish policies and procedures for the Emeritus Institute and shepherd courses through the curriculum process.  

Ms. Chattopadhyay stated, “It is an honor to be named the Emeritus Professor of the Year by my peers at Saddleback College. As some of you know, I will soon be moving to Tucson, Arizona for a wonderful opportunity for my family.  I will miss the magnificent groups of students I have had the pleasure of teaching here for the last decade."