Saddleback College Statement on Young Americans for Freedom

Saddleback College supports student clubs and their right to organize and exercise their freedom of speech.  At the beginning of each academic year, in order to organize meetings and hold events, student clubs must go through an activation process that includes an orientation, the establishment of a club constitution and by-laws, and the appointment of a faculty adviser.  

Young Americans for Freedom contacted the college’s student development office before fall semester classes began to state their intention to plan an event commemorating 9/11.  The director made clear that the students would have to complete the club activation process before the event could be approved.  As of today the students have not completed the requirements to form a club.

On September 8th, the students posted stickers and flyers on several campus buildings, which is a violation of South Orange County Community College District policy.  The students also did this without first seeking approval from college administration.  However, flyers that were posted by the students in the designated free speech areas on campus have not been removed by college personnel.

The director of student life has reached out to the students and invited them to meet and discuss the steps that can be taken to work collaboratively with the college in the future and in accordance with college and district policies and procedures.  

Saddleback College supports and understands the students' desire to commemorate the events of September 11, 2001, but needs to ensure that the college and district policies and procedures are followed.