Student Success Mentors

Students Success Mentors

Why we have Student Success Mentors:

Student Success Mentors help provide peer-to-peer advice to other students, playing a role in the academic success of those students. Having mentors allows students to interact with peers who may have similar academic goals and presents the opportunity to voice concerns that they may not be able to ask other staff or faculty.

What Student Success Mentors do:

Mentors' responsibilities vary: from presentations in classrooms, assisting in MAP workshops, and information canopies around campus. They work to help students get on their way to academic success by giving advice, especially to those who are new to the college scene.

Average pay: $11.50

Average hours per week: 5 to 10 hours working on campus

Contact: Mariana Moreno

Current Student Mentors

Sofia Caro
Major: Sociology

Student Success Mentor SofiaExtra Academic Activities: Volunteer Tutor at a Homework Club for elementary school students. Favorite part of being a Student Success Mentor is because I love being able to assist students with any question they might ask. I also love being involved at such wonderful college.

Andrea Romero
Major: English

Students Success Mentor AndreaMajoring in English and planning to transfer for the fall of 2017 to Cal State Fullerton. I will be in the teaching credential program and will receive my BA and MA. I am pursuing a career in teaching High School English and become an AVID teacher as well. I have been at Saddleback College for three interesting and fun years. I enjoyed being in the Environmental Awareness Club on campus. Working as a Student Success Mentor is great especially meeting new people and making new friends.

Ilia Golbadi
Major: Business

Student Sucess Mentor IliaMy major is Business. I plan to transfer to UCLA or Chapman in 2018. I like working as a student mentor because I have the chance to help students and meet new and nice people in the process.

Rachel Lee
Major: Marketing

Student Success Mentor RachelMy goal is to transfer to University of San Diego or Cal Poly SLO with a major in Marketing. I'd also like to minor in Journalism or Public Relations. I enjoy being a Student Success Mentor because I have the opportunity to help students achieve their goals and provide the resources necessary for their success. I'm currently a part of the Honors Program and hope to join a few clubs and get more involved on campus.

Kat Etka
Major: Cultural Anthropology

Student Success Mentor KatI am currently in my first year at Saddleback, I am majoring in cultural anthropology. I plan on transferring to George Washington University or Northwestern University. What I like most about being a student success mentor is the ability to meet so many new people, including faculty and staff; and being able to get involved on campus.

Jesus Gomez
Health Science

Student Success Mentor Jesus Before transferring to Saddleback this year as a junior, I had attended Cal State San Marcos for two years. My goal is to transfer to Cal State Fullerton and obtain my degree in health sciences. One of the great things about being a Student Success Mentor is that I’m surrounded by people who truly enjoy spending time with students and helping them succeed; from the staff in the matriculation office to my co-mentors.

Isaac Solis
Major: Kinesiology

Student Success Mentor IsaacMy name is Isaac Solis .My current major is Kinesiology and I want to go into the Health Promotion field and transfer to Cal State Long Beach.  I really enjoy being a student success mentor at Saddleback College because I get to meet a lot of different people and I have been a lot more involved on campus by helping out all the incoming students.

Deisy Moreno
Communications with an emphasis in Journalism

Student Success Mentor DeisyMy plan is to transfer to UCLA. I hope to be a reporter and travel to different places around the world covering news stories. I also have a strong interest in learning foreign languages; currently I am learning Japanese and Korean. I enjoy being a Student Success Mentor because I love helping other students get connected to the college as well as letting them know what resources are available for them.

Paola Medina
Child Development
Associate Degree in Behavioral Science and Photography
Certificate: Child Development

Student Success Mentor PaolaMy goal is to transfer to Cal State Fullerton and get my bachelor’s degree in Child Development.

My favorite thing about working as a Student Success Mentor is being able to help other students; also, it has given me the opportunity to become more involved in college life and meet people who are very passionate about their jobs.

Nicole Daniel
Child Development

Student Success Mentor NicoleMy goal is to transfer to a Cal State, hopefully Fullerton, and pursue a major in Child Development to become an elementary school teacher. I am currently volunteering at an elementary school, helping out in a kindergarten classroom. My Favorite part about being a Student Success Mentor is being able to help new, incoming freshmen. I love being able to help new students by sharing my personal experiences, providing information at Freshman Advantage Fridays and by going to the local high schools.

Amin Abbasinik

Student Success Mentor AminMy name is Amin Abbasinik and I went to Aliso Niguel High School. My major is Biology. I have been part of various clubs during my high school years, but the thing I like the most about being a mentor is how I meet new people every day and I can help them with even the smallest things and see how much they appreciate the help and to see them develop and get better as time goes by!

Junho Choi
Business Administration

Student Success Mentor JunhoI am from South Korea and have been studying in the United States for two and a half years. My goal is to transfer to a university, preferably Cal State Long Beach or UC San Diego. I want a career in Sports Management, and more specifically I want to be a soccer agent/scout. I am really crazy about soccer! I enjoy being a Student Success Mentor because I get to meet new students and help them by providing any information that they may need.

Anton Sunico
Mechanical Engineering

Student Success Mentor AntonI am currently in my second year at Saddleback and I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I plan on transferring to UC Berkeley, UC Santa Barbara, or UC San Diego. At Saddleback I work as a Student Success Mentor. I am motivated by helping as many students as possible to reach their academic goals.

Enrique Corrales

Student Success Mentor EnriqueI am a sophomore at Saddleback College. My academic goals are to transfer to San Luis Obispo and major in Architecture. What I like about being a mentor is that I am able to help other students succeed and can share my experiences with incoming freshmen.

Helya Dehnadi

Student Success Mentor HelyaAs an Iranian immigrant who moved to the U.S. at the age of 16, I've had to adapt to the American lifestyle and learn English beyond everyday conversation. I graduated from Capistrano Valley High School and am currently working towards transferring to Cal Poly SLO as an Architecture student.

I try to engage myself in as many activities on campus as possible, whether it's volunteering for a fashion show, a blood drive, or any other school related events. I joined ASG simply because I wanted to be a part of the institution in which I spend 80% of my time. As a Student Success Mentor, I've had the opportunity to help students with different aspects of their academic lives and beyond. Working alongside counselors has been by far the most beneficial task for me because it has helped me make a step by step plan towards my future and my goals.

Dustin Houck
Academic Counseling/Communications
Goals: transfer to SDSU or Point Loma

Student Success Mentor DustinBorn in Ventura, California. I like being a student success mentor because when Students are able to go to other students to seek advice and help it takes the pressure off. Also, I love engaging with students in a way that makes them feel confident about who they are in their abilities. Navigating through college academics is hard by itself, dealing with the pressure of finding a college and/or career is even more difficult. That's why I love to help them.

Laal Golbadi

Student Success Mentor LaalI am a Persian immigrant and have been living in the US for the past 2 years. My goal is to transfer to UCI by fall 2017 and study behavioral psychology. I became a student success mentor to help our students find the easiest way to study and to be able to transfer, and to teach them about what Saddleback has to offer. Starting a new school is hard for everyone especially for our ESL students like myself, not only we have to adapt to a new school we have to adapt to a new language and culture as well. Being able to help our ESL students is one of the main reasons I became a mentor and why I love my job.

Mariela Quezada

Student Success Mentor MarielaI am a sophomore at Saddleback College. My major is biology and pursue on becoming an Anatomy Professor. I plan on transferring to UC Santa Barbra in the fall of 2018. Working as a Student Success Mentor, I have familiarized myself with the campus, learned about resources and help Saddleback has to offer that I didn't know of before. I help students by sharing vital information, such as Academic probation. Also, I do my best to answer student’s questions. If it requires special attention I can lead him or her to the right location.

Stephanie Nusenow
Communication Studies

Student Success Mentor StephanieI am an El Toro High School graduate and this year marks my second and final year at Saddleback. Here, I work as a student success mentor, serve as the service project chair for the Honors Student Council, and participate in Phi Theta Kappa and several other clubs. I have a passion for visiting museums, traveling, and helping others. In the future, I hope to transfer to UCLA or NYU to pursue a career in either International Development or Journalism.

Ellie Khodabandeh
Major: Biology Science

Student Success Mentor EllieI'm from Iran and my major is Biology.  I've always loved learning about the human body and how it functions. I plan to transfer to UCI and after that I want to go to dental school. Apart from being a Student Success Mentor, I am also a member of the Biology club. I enjoy being a Student Success Mentor mostly because I feel that I have a lot of experience and knowledge about the campus and some courses that can be useful for new students. Working as a Student Success Mentor gives me the opportunity to share my experiences with them.

Mae Muldez
Major: Nursing

Students Success Mentor MaeI have always had a passion for helping people, which is why I love working as a Student Success Mentor, assisting new students transition from high school to college, and also the ones who are returning to school for more education. I'm here to let students know about anything that can help them succeed in school, about all the resources available for them at Saddleback and how to take advantage of those resources. My goal at Saddleback is to get my degree in Health Science and Nursing. I want to become a nurse because knowing that I will be able to help someone medically is something I know I want to do for the rest of my life. Specifically, I want to be a flight nurse or an ER Nurse someday. It'll take me awhile, but with the help and support of my mom, friends, and the Saddleback community, I know I'll be able to reach my goal.

Yenu Siriwardena

Student Success Mentor YenuI was born and raised in Sri Lanka and moved to the US when I was 6. I am a second year student at Saddleback and planning to transfer in 2017. I plan on transferring to a UC and earning my PhD in Psychiatry.