Saddleback College Emeritus Institute

The mission of the Saddleback College Emeritus Institute is to promote lifelong learning by providing academically rigorous, mentally stimulating, socially engaging, and health improving courses for older adults throughout South Orange County.

academically rigorousmentally stimulatingsocially engaginghealth improving

The Spring 2018 Schedule is now viewable
Click on the cover to view the schedule.


Spring 2018 Emeritus Institute Cover - Click to see schedule 

Important Application Information for Spring 2018 Enrollment:

  1. Continuing students do not need to complete a new application. Appointments to register are automatically listed in student MySite accounts.

  2. New or returning students must complete and mail in a student application. Appointments to register and student ID numbers are assigned once an application has been processed.

  3. PIN number assistance can be found through this list of helpful instructions.

Students cannot register for Spring 2018 classes until their appointment date & time has arrived. 
On that date and time, students should carefully follow the
 Online Registration Instructions.