Office of the President

Saddleback College will be the first choice of students who seek a dynamic, innovative, and student-centered postsecondary education.

Welcome to Saddleback College, where we strive to be dynamic, innovative, and student-centered to ensure your success. From our acclaimed academic and career technical programs to our outstanding student support services, all of us at Saddleback College are committed to providing top-notch education and training to help students earn academic degrees and career technical certificates, transfer to four year colleges and universities, improve English and math skills, and pursue lifelong learning.

Saddleback College is proud of our long tradition of excellence. Over 500,000 alumni will agree that making Saddleback College your first choice in higher education will help you succeed in your career and life ambitions. In fact, attending a community college is a very wise move. Did you know that:

  • The California community college system is the largest workforce training provider in the U.S., serving more than 2.8 million students annually.
  • 70 percent of nurses in California received their education from community colleges.
  • Almost two-thirds of graduates of the California State University system and one-third of the University of California system transferred from a California community college.
  • Transfer students from community colleges to the University of California account for 48% of bachelor’s degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
  • A student who graduates with an associate degree earns an average of $1.6 million in his/her lifetime which is $400,000 more than a student with a high school diploma.

Indeed, attending community college is a wise move, and attending Saddleback College will set you on the right path. Did you know that Saddleback College:

  • Is one of the top transfer institutions in California; of the state’s 112 community colleges, Saddleback College ranks 8th in transfers to the University of California system and 17th in transfers to the California State University system.
  • Has a nursing program that is ranked number one in the nation in licensure exam rates.  Our students’ 100 percent score ranks the nursing program first of the 92 associate degree in nursing programs in the state, first of the 584 associate degree in nursing programs in the nation, and first of the entire 972 nursing programs (associate and bachelor’s degree combined) across the nation. 
  • Has winning men’s and women’s athletic teams, with the Gauchos capturing 155 conference titles, 44 Southern California regional titles, 24 state championships, and 3 national championships.
  • Is dedicated to lifelong learning, with our renowned Emeritus Institute providing challenging and rewarding programs to more 20,000 older adults each year.
  • Offers award winning theatrical productions, concerts, and gallery showings each year to showcase student work in theater and musicals, painting, drawing, photography, and sculpting..
  • Has a perennially award winning forensics team, which this year placed fourth in the nation.
  • Offers career technical education programs that combine classroom instruction with real world experience to prepare students for the job market.  Areas of study include but are not limited to architectural design, fashion design and merchandising, automotive technology, horticulture, and many others.  For a complete list visit

Saddleback College is a great place to be and we are thrilled that you have chosen us as your first choice for your higher education and training needs. Welcome to our Saddleback College family!