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Spring 2018 Graduation


If you have an interest in the Human Services career field and would like to hear more about any of our four areas of study, please click the link below to watch a video of the most recent informational session. You can hear about the different certificate options we offer, what you can do with your certificate, the length of time it takes to complete our program, and much, much more. The ending also includes an open Q&A between the audience and our panel members.




About the Human Services Programs

The Human Services program offers four areas of study for people looking for a career in the helping professions. The curricula meets the needs of career-oriented students seeking a certificate in Alcohol & Drug Studies, Community-Based Corrections, Human Services Generalist, or Mental Health Worker. In addition, students may continue on and complete an Associates of Science degree in one of these four educational areas. Our programs serve as an introduction to social work, social welfare, criminal justice, counseling, mental health, alcohol & drug counseling, and other helping professions for students planning advanced degrees in these fields. Coursework includes participation in internships or Cooperative Work Experience at various facilities. We also offer an Occupational Skills Award in Eating Disorders. This skills award may be obtained on it's own or in addition to any of our certificate programs. See Schedule of Classes for Human Services courses

Click on the links below to visit our individual certificate programs:

Human Services Certificate Options

Alcohol and Drug Studies Certificate Program

  • Integrates theory and practical experience in developing skills necessary to work with the alcohol and drug abuse population, as well as with families and employers of chemically dependent persons. This program option combines the Human Services behavioral core, skills training, and experiential learning in the field work settings.
  • Alcohol & Drug Studies Roadmap

Community-Based Corrections Certificate Program

  • Provides students with an introduction to the Human Services behavioral core and skills with a specialized area of study in areas of various community-based corrections. Students completing the program may find employment in probation, juvenile counseling settings, California Youth Authority, and half-way houses.
  • Community-Based Corrections Roadmap

Human Services Generalist Certificate Program

  • Designed to provide students with both a historical and a current perspective of the basic issues within the human services field. It will introduce students to the growing career options within the field, provide an opportunity to explore several of the program options, and generally provide the kind of information that will enable students to make informed decisions in regard to career directions.For many students this certificate is their gateway into the Social Work profession.
  • Human Services Generalist Roadmap

Mental Health Worker Certificate Program

  • This program helps students learn cultural competency skills needed for clients and family members to enter the public mental health labor force. It will introduce students to benefits acquisitions, the recovery model, co-occurring disorders and integrated services, early identification of mental illness and evidence-based practices.
  • Mental Health Worker Roadmap







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